Command E

Blazing-fast search for your cloud & computer

Command E is blazing fast search for everything in your cloud and computer: Google Drive, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Notion, Jira, Superhuman, Asana, Hubspot, you name it, all searchable super fast from one keyboard shortcut. Live on Windows and Mac. :)
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Tom, Co-Founder & CEO of Command E. We’re building a blazing-fast search tool so that you can fly through your day instead of losing cycles every time you need to move between tools or track down that doc or record that you instantly know you want to go to next. We started working on Command E after seeing some of our most capable friends lose significant time and grow frustrated as they dealt with this friction of moving between tabs and apps to do their jobs, and we think it's something almost all of us experience :) Command E is our crack at giving you one incredibly fast, seamless pattern to jump to everything you need to do your job. We'll be around all day - try it out and let us know what you think!
@tauebel How is data privacy handled? Does data from all my services (Gmail, Asana, etc.) all get piped through your cloud?
@sahaskatta Hey Sahas, great question. We thought a lot about data security and privacy early on given the class of tool we're building - the short version is your data stays in an encrypted database on your own computer and isn't sent off to our cloud or elsewhere. There's more color here:
@tauebel @sahaskatta Yep, we've got a very unique model with this. I added more detail to this specific part of the FAQ: "Does my data travel through (i.e. "proxy" through) Command E servers?" tl;dr our servers help make the initial connection with cloud services (i.e. OAuth2) but then immediately hands off to to the Command E desktop app which makes all the API calls for your cloud data. We don't "proxy" or copy your data through our servers. All the sync and indexing magic is within the desktop app!
Been a happy user now for many months, it's become the first thing I install on every computer. Btwn Google Drive, Dropbox, Sheets, Airtable, Notion, I used to feel like half my day was spent finding things and hunting through useless search results instead of actually working. Now, I hit Cmd+E, type a few characters, and the page loads exactly where I want to be. Like magic :)
I love Command E! I've been using it daily for nearly nine months. It's so fast ⚡️
You know that feeling when you need to get to something but in order to do so you have to slog through auth pages, clunky app navigation, loading spinners, etc? CommandE fixes that. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.
Command E has made it 10x easier to navigate between the myriad of cloud based tools I use personally and professionally. Easy to set up integrations and incredibly fast 🏎