Donation Matching

Find people that will match your donations

Donation Matching makes it easy for you to find people that are matching donations, so that you can maximize yours. You can easily turn a $10 donation to a $50 donation if you know who to reach out to.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt! I wanted to share a little project that I've been working on over the past couple of days. Donation Matching is a small site that compiles a database of individuals and companies that are matching donations. I wanted to create a quick and easy way for anyone to be able to maximize the donations that they're making. People are already stacking donations, trawling through Twitter and compiling sporadic docs and spreadsheets, Donation Matching will make that process just a little bit easier. --Feature List-- ➡️ Easily search and filter for organizations that you care about so you can find people that are matching. ➡️ Discover companies that are doing their part in helping right wrongs. Did you know that Netflix is matching 200% of any donations? ➡️ Find out who's completed their match and send them a thank you tweet. They deserve it! ➡️ Submit new matchers so that we can keep the database growing, and the money flowing. A steady flow of donations is key to keeping our favorite organizations active and ready to defend and protect those that need it. A small donation from you can quick roll into a snowball, and the only thing you need is your receipt and generous individuals to match your donation.
@brianta Great job, Brian!
Competitiveness can really be an effective .
@alphahunter It really can be! I hope this inspires people to donate :)
I 8x'ed my donations a few days ago through stuff like this but it's so so helpful to have it all consolidated. Nice work!
Great job Brian! Awesome way for people to stack their donation and drive even more impact!
interesting concept