Give your eyes a break

- shows several images of eye exercises
- sound alert option to notify you with voice when the break starts and ends
- inactivity option
- progressive notifications
- menu icon work time indicator
- multiple monitors
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?makers I was on your landing page earlier and couldn't figure out how to get the app. I think you need a prominent "GET IT ON MAC APP STORE" button
@kessir_ search for "Oko" in Mac App Store
Long time ago I created this app for myself and never had enough time to polish, wrap and publish it. Now finally it is live! Hope it will help many people to take regular breaks and save both eyes and spine health.
Could you create a chrome extension for oko? It would be great! @vitovalov
@marcos_luque1 sorry, no time for that. But you can contribute if you want.
This is really similar to Strechly (which I currently use) https://hovancik.net/stretchly/