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February 11th, 2020

Finally, more foldable phones
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The whole foldable phone thing came onto our radar just about a year ago, when Samsung officially unveiled its “Galaxy Fold“ smartphone. The Galaxy Fold’s screens infamously started to break (and then break again), so of course Samsung came out swinging at its annual event with the Galaxy Z Flip this week.

The compact phone folds up into a small little square when it’s closed, and Samsung says the phone’s bendable glass screen should last for 200,000 folds. Would you get it? Tell us! The phone arrives this Friday for $1,380.

Samsung also took the hood off of another smartphone at the event: the Galaxy S20 (aka the annual refresh of Samsung’s flagship phone). Big changes include the removal of the headphone jack, another camera and better photo features. These phones will be available during the first week of March.

Samsung also announced its second-generation wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds Plus, at the event. TLDR; the new buds provide a huge boost to battery and sound, but they look exactly like the original Galaxy Buds (Samsung’s answer to AirPods).

Happy folding, everyone. 📱

Get the Z Flip

In this week’s edition of Product Hunt Radio, we talked to Kathryn Duryea Wyndowe, founder and CEO of Year & Day. In this episode we cover how her crazy year preparing to launch the brand, the power of Instagram and the rise of direct-to-consumer and how she came up with the idea for Year & Day.

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