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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2020
We got frustrated with how long it takes to build a site to get a creative project off the ground, so we built something better! Whether you're launching podcast, workshop, book, or company, you can now build a page for free in just a few minutes.
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I'm pretty excited to share this project with you all! For the last couple years I've been frustrated with how hard it is to spin up a simple landing page for a new project. After the free landing page solutions died off and the paid products turned enterprise, I decided it was time to build our own, and make it free! Everyone's always thought of ConvertKit as email marketing for creators, but now with landing page it's the easiest way to launch your next creative project! A few features included at launch: 1. 30+ templates for launching your next event, podcast, book, or anything else 2. Custom domains: use our domain or bring your own 3. Thousands of free photos directly from Unsplash 4. Thank you pages for upsells and additional actions 5. Mobile friendly designs 6. Collect additional info about each subscriber with custom fields, tags, and checkboxes Long-term we've got a ton of new improvements planned, such as: 1. A direct integration with Instagram to pull in your photos 2. More templates (we're releasing one per week) 3. A direct integration with YouTube to bring in your videos 4. More options for background patterns and color palettes We've had this free plan launched for free for about 5 weeks, but today we announced a brand new flow where you can build a landing page _before_ you create an account. The landing page builder also got a cool mechanic built in where if you invite a friend then you both unlock email sending for up to 100 subscribers. Invite another friend and you'll get 100 more. Dropbox-style. I'd love to answer any questions!
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@nathanbarry This is awesome Nathan. Have been a long time user of ConvertKit, good to see that we have more options to quickly present our ideas. Congrats ConvertKit team :)
@owenfar1 Thanks Owen!
@nathanbarry I hate it when I am forced to create an account before I can see the value of a product. Kudos to you for the accountless landing page creation!
This has been such a fun project to work on! We built a system that allows us to serve a virtually unlimited number of landing pages with incredible performance, release new templates with little development effort, and continue to add new features to quickly launch your next project. If you have any questions on the technical side of things, feel free to reach out!
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Among all the positives that this has (i.e. speed, design, simplicity) it also gets you on the runway for building THE asset for you...your email list! If you are just starting out, these landing pages are a must! If you have been in the game a while (like myself) these make it super quick and efficient to put together pages for JVs, webinars, and new services. Thanks to the team there for all the hard work on this @nathanbarry
@rezzz Thanks Jason! It's been fun to see all the pages you've built for clients. It's kinda funny, I know design and code so I could build these pages myself, but I find myself turning to ConvertKit landing pages to get it done much faster and with a better end result. Even those who know how to code are all in on no-code!
@nathanbarry Absolutely! Why re-invent the wheel!
I work on the marketing team at ConvertKit and am so excited to share our new landing page product with you all! Over the past few years, we have seen so many new creators struggle to get their creative project launched. Other solutions have been either too expensive, overly complex, or simply not built with creators in mind. Because we only make money when a creator successfully grows their email list, I believe we are uniquely positioned to offer something very compelling in the landing page space. We don't need to place any restrictions on the number of landing pages you have or limits on the amount of traffic you can drive to your page/s like so many of our competitors do. All we care about is helping creators succeed! When you succeed so do we. Give our new landing page builder a shot and let us know what you think. We can't wait to see what you create!
I love this these landing page templates. One of the downsides of other landing page tools that I've tried is that they all sort of look the same. Which gives them that "landing page template" look. On the other hand, these look sharp and super original. Nice work!
@backlinko Thanks Brian! We're adding more templates all the time. We partnered with a bunch of incredible designers to get a wide range of designs, so hopefully they don't look too much like templates or like they are all the same.