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February 6th, 2020

An app for time traveling

Yesterday, Zyl launched to repurpose all the photos buried in your camera roll that you forgot about. Why? Because you probably don’t do anything with 99% of your photos.

Zyl is reminiscent of apps like Timehop; it’s a “social network” of sorts that creates a “story” for you every day to surface photo memories between you and your friends. 📸

According to founder Mathieu Spiry, the idea behind Zyl is to create a “social graph of your memories.” Really, it’s just a super easy way to make use of all those lost photos.

When asked how this differs from similar tools already available in Google Photos and iOS Photos, Spiry explained that it’s all about the social interactions that happen on Zyl.

The PH community had some interesting takes on how they could see themselves using the app:

“This is actually an interesting concept - I'd certainly love my future family to be able to look back in time and understand who I was, what I did, and the legacy I wanted to leave behind.“ - Martin

“Fun icebreaker to reach out to friends I get to see less these days.” - S. Lee

Thoughts on Zyl? Share them here. 🙌

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