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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2020
Explore and keep discovering startup ideas, app ideas or business ideas, every day or even every hour. Infinideas provides an infinite newsfeed of ideas from different sources.
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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹, We like to explore and build new products, but sometimes we don't know what are other people's problems. We were wondering how to get the ideas from people's minds and the closest answer we got was to look for them in social media and the web. That's how we came with this idea, πŸ’‘ Infinideas gathers crowdsourced ideas from the web (currently from Reddit and Twitter) into an infinite newsfeed. We personally browse Infinideas everyday to check if there are any interesting products to build next, and we are loving it ❀️! The app is only on Android, because the AppStore refused to publish it 😒, so if you want to try on your iPhone, compile our source code from GitHub. We decided to make Infinideas as a mobile app in Flutter because we like to learn something new with any new product we make πŸ€“ Sandoche, Etienne & Patricia
Hi @sandochee! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and business Podcast, which will expose it to masses here in India. Looking forward to your reply! Congratulations!
@porush_puri Hi thanks a lot. Yes you can go for it. Contact me through the widget of our website if you need more information.
The producthunt product hunt idea app. If you're reading this, this app is for you.
@dectator if you release an app in Product Hunt that came from Infinideas don't forget to tag us! πŸ’‘πŸ˜Ž
@sandochee Nice idea πŸ‘ ! A web version would be useful too, thanks for releasing it open source.
@juanpablosarmi Yes I should try with flutter you can generate websites aswell shouldn't be hard.
This app makes it way easier to find inspiration for ideas !
@shiva_namassi I find it a good routine to browse Infinideas once a day, it keeps your mind open to inspiration!
Cool! But link a web version!
@craze3 We will try to do this! It is apparently easy with Flutter to generate a web app. I haven't tried it yet.