Galaxy Buds

Samsung's answer to the AirPods

Galaxy Buds are the ultimate cord-free earbuds for those who want a seamlessly connected experience on the go. With their truly comfortable form factor, easy controls, clear and smart sound, and compact size—they are an everyday in-ear lifestyle companion.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Samsung's answer to the AirPods powered by AKG so it probably sounds better than the AirPods 🤔
@amrith And they're free for anyone who pre-orders the S10 🎉
Best thing is, the buds come free for S10 pre-orders, pheeew
These are just really the netx version of the Samsung gear iconx headphones. I have the 2018 version and they're amazing. Like them way more than airoods. Great sound quality and battery life already, I use them every day at the gym. Tempted to buy the new ones but the old version worked so well it would be a bit excessive to upgrade.
what the hell is that dont they got Bluetooth head phone that can come out like that one
but they do work good
Design wise they are just too close to so many other brands (Bose for example). A nice up-sell