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How do I get investors to listen to my pitch and get my idea out there?I know what market I want to reach out to but I haven't been heard so far.
Any self-signup tool which changes a static image into video?pretty impressed by this site . Any tool or service which provides this as self signup?
nyha shreeCo-founder · Asked
What are the best websites for startups fundraising?Please share your experience with them as well
Pooya CharmaraiSockSeed Co-founder · Asked
What's the best alternative to for small companies?We've been using segment for quite a while, however the 100$ bill started to get heavy, since we moved our marketing strategy to offline primarily. We are looking for an alternative which costs at least half. Thanks for any Help!
What is the best way to promote your store online?I just started a small business selling leather goods, 100% handmade. I already tried reddit, some facebook, I haven't try good adwords yet... but I would like to know what is the best way to promote it online without spending a lot.
Augusto CM · Edited
What's the best way on Mac to use Google apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides) as a stand-alone app?I hate having documents in the browser because then I can't Cmd-Tab back and forth to them. I use a Fluid instance today, but it has some issues. Is there a native app client?
Chuck BurtVice President of Product, SellerCrowd · Asked
Whats the best app to convert PNG to SVG?I am looking for a quick, light tool to convert my PNG files to SVG
Is there a site or database that hosts and/or showcases art products?I'm looking for a curated art gallery essentially, and preferably fringe/kinetic/tech art rather than the traditional canvas/digital art.
Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. · Asked
What is the best FREE alternative to Power Point?Looking for something a bit more modern - but still free. Want to create a beautiful presentation. Have looked at Prezi before, but am wondering if there are any others out there to creating a stunning visual slideshow.
BeccaMarketing Associate · Asked
What is the best tool for referral marketing?I am looking for a plug and play Referral marketing tool for my SaaS platform I have checked out Referral candy, but is there a cheaper alternative to that? Thanks
kabandi saikiaCo-founder @ getomnify · Asked
Best CRM chat solution with api for sending messages as a visitor?We are building an AI powered chatbot - a virtual assistant for daily needs like booking a cab, paying a phone /electricity bill, finding a good place to eat etc. Since the NLP will take time, we want to have a functionality where if the bot is confu… See more
Ankit MalooCEO, Blubyn AI Ventures · Asked
What's a great, visual tool to create a company process map?Something better than the typical flowchart and diagrams to map out an entire company operations process map. (
John EganA giver and a doer from Chicago ⚡️ · Asked
What is the best software for Web Radio Broadcasting?Suggestions for web radio broadcasting software, like SAM BROADCASTER.
Rafaella TheocharousGreat products sell themselves · Asked
What is your favourite free tool for posting to multiple social networks at once?What tool do you use to post to multiple social networks (eg. Facebook Pages, Twitter, and all the rest)? What has the best analytics? What product provides the best features for free?
Laef ⛅Programmer and founder, FindALostPet · Asked