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Are there any SDKs to integrate sticker sets into an existing chat application?We have a custom chat application ( for buying and selling. I was wondering if we could easily add stickers sets for users to have a bit of fun :)
How can a non-tech person get help in reviewing code?I'm looking for a product/service which can review code and deliver recommendations.
SriBuilder · Asked
What is the best tool to manage a help and FAQ section of a website?Ideally something that keeps learning and has predictive capability.
Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Asked
What is the best tool for in-app customer surveys?I'm interested in tools that launch short surveys based on pre-defined triggers inside a web app.
Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Asked
What's the best app for mail in iOS?As a e-mail reader obsessed, I'm always looking for the best email experience possible on my iPhone. I was a big MailBox (From the creators of Dropbox) fan but the app closed last year. What's your favourite? Why? How your perfect mail app would be? … See more
Daniele PalumboLead Data Journalist, IBTimesUK · Asked
Do you know of any client appointment scheduling software that has a decent free planI've been looking into free online appointment scheduling software for consultants (and other businesses). I'm okay with a software that has a decent free plan with the ability to upgrade once I grow out of the free plan's capacity. I'm particularly… See more
Abigail NwaochaAspiring Growth Marketer · Asked
What is a a good macOS app for jotting notes?For my writing, I use Ulysses which is dope, but sometimes I just want to "jot" a quick, *temporary* note - something Ulysses is not well-suited for. What I find is that my important writing becomes drowned in a bunch of notes I shouldn't have saved … See more
Is there an app that organizes all your utility payments in one place to be paid?I'm looking for an app that aggregates due payments from various services so that I can pay everything using one app and login.
PAFounder + Designer at DesignCue · Asked
What is the easiest solution for setting up recurring billing without writing software?Must support: 1. 2-3 tiers of pricing/service 2. Ideally, integrates with Slack 3. Trivial to install with WordPress 4. Supports referral/discount codes
Ryan StellarThe Apprentice Co. · Asked