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What is the best podcast for startups?

I am looking for something with stories and insights entrepreneurs at startups have faced/overcome.
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  1. R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    This is my favorite of all time, and provides some easily accessible insight!
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    Startups 4 the Rest of Us
    Bill Vieux👊 tech / social media / marketing · Written
    If you're bootstrapping, this is an awesome podcast. Rob Walling shares the journey of Drip and tons of great insights.
    Hands down the most actionable podcast on startups I've found - especially if you are bootstrapping on not trying to go the VC backed route. I suggest giving a couple of episodes a try and seeing if it's your cup of tea!
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    How I Built This
    Joe StreeterUK Operations, Great Bowery (UK) LTD. · Written
    How I built this is great, a wide spectrum of different businesses all with every interesting stories.
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    a16z Podcast
    dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies & · Written
    If you have to pick one pick this one. Every episode is full of insights, personal learnings and good advice.
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    Recode Decode - Walt Mossberg

    Technology is still too hard to use

    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Love Kara and Walt's interviews on Recode Decode.
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    The Startup Chat Podcast

    Hiten and Steli's unfiltered insights and actionable advice.

    Brittany FullerCo-founder & CEO at Notably · Written
    Steli and Hiten offer a ton of practical advice on everything from sales and marketing to hiring and culture. I like how different each week's episode is and they're really helpful, especially if you don't have a background in sales.
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    Build Your SaaS

    A podcast about what it takes to launch a web app in 2018

    Justin JacksonCo-founder of · Written
    Justin Jackson made this product
    If you're bootstrapping, you might like this show. Jon and I started recording this podcast just as we started building Transistor. It chronicles our journey from pre-launch, to launching, and then growing to $500k in ARR.