Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freemansoftware developer, musician

🏕 What’s the strangest place you’ve written code in?

A lot of us write code at our desk, or at a coffee shop. But sometimes you need to do an emergency deploy, or have the inspiration to work on a project on the go. What's the most unusual place you've found yourself coding in? 💪 powered by @byteconf
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Phil Miller
Phil Miller@philmillman
@imkmf I did a deploy from the front step of a building on a Sunday because I was locked out and I needed to be on their WiFi for security reasons.
Ben Harraway
Ben Harraway@benlumendigital · Owner of Lumen - an Indie App Studio
@imkmf @philmillman Haha, I came here to write something very similar... yep, sat on a doorstep outside a closed coffee shop because I could read their WiFi password through the window!
Riley Walz
Riley Walz@w · High schooler who ships 💯
@imkmf I had to fix a grammar error and deploy on my phone in my high school math class at 7am on a launch day. Had to hide my phone too because I wasn't supposed to be on it :)
Shekhar K. Sharma
Shekhar K. Sharma@shekhardesigner
@imkmf Pizza hut bathroom cause they were full house and I had to update some in between meeting/demo day!
Dee Mirai
Dee Mirai@dee_mirai · Broadcast Philosopher @ Cialfo
@imkmf I built most of my former blog at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. It was 2008, I was attempting to go home to visit my family in Chiang Rai, and found myself stuck in the airport as government protestors shut the airport down. Decent code, all things considered.
James Villarrubia
James Villarrubia@james_mtc · Co-Founder of Mt. Cleverest
@imkmf On my phone in the dark in the middle of a play. Contractor had pushed a bug that broke their POS system. Had to find it, edit, and push the hotfix from an iphone 4s and the notes app.
Jonas Kröger
Jonas Kröger@jonaskroeger · Indie Developer
@imkmf during a full traffic stop on the highway on roof of my car :D
Vladyslav Kopylash
Vladyslav Kopylash@kopylash · CTO, Y-Productive
@imkmf I did some coding in Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam during my trip there, cause it was emergent xD
Thibaut Patel
Thibaut Patel@thibpat · Dev @_agricool. Co-founder @getFindify
@imkmf During my first year in university I had a very cheap computer, so during the weekend I was coding right outside the closed university computer rooms. I was using the wifi to transfert the code on a computer from the computer rooms, compiling it there, and downloading the compiled code to run it on my computer 🤦‍♂️
Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freeman@imkmf · software developer, musician
I once did a deploy of a static site from my phone, while at a sushi restaurant in Canada. Not super exciting... my next goal is to work-from-campsite 🌲
janvt@janvanthoor · Software Engineer, randomly creative
How about restoring a SOLR index from tape backup while drunk out of our minds in a pub in Brussels during FOSDEM?
Paul Shuteyev
Paul Shuteyev@paul_shuteyev · Founder/StartupRadius, CMO/PromoRepublic
@imkmf in my dreams, because I am not a developer :D
axel antas-bergkvist
axel antas-bergkvist@aabergkvist · Senior Digital Strategist. Investor.
@imkmf on a sailing boat, with no land in sight. It was not a critical deploy or emergency in any kind of way. I did not get seasick, but the code was far from good..
Shawn O'Neill
Shawn O'Neill@shawnonthenet · Programming, Business, Indie Hacker
The location in my picture is in the hills above Coyote lake near Gilroy, California. We were travelling in our RV and using a 4g modem that couldn't get signal down by the lake so when one of my systems started playing up one day I had to hike up into the hills, find a spot next to a trail and start patching.
@imkmf I did a critical bugfix during a computerexam while invigilators asked why my Word was dark 🤔😂
Mike Way
Mike Way@mikeway3 · IOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant
@imkmf in a queue for a robot, using eclipse, at a FIRST competition, waiting to enter the field of play.
Andrew Grosser
Andrew Grosser@andrewgrosser · A nerds nerd.
@imkmf in the desert at burning man. The space for my art installation I built was taken over by homeless team mates, and I was determined to build something so I coded up a mind controlled margarita maker during an epic dust storm.
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma@ca_pulkit_sharma · Founder
@imkmf Bangalore university open jungle. Went for exam of sister and for passing time coded a website which now brings 2,50,000 visitors. :)
Agnel Vishal
Agnel Vishal@agnel_vishal
Coding and compiling in phone was strange to me when I did it first time. 10 years back who would have thought it was possible.
Muhammad Harfoush
Muhammad Harfoush@7arfoush · Co-founder, Belhana.
@imkmf I had to write code in a funeral house because of a university deadline. I wrote code in public transport, bathrooms, and while shopping. University really takes you there!
Lenilson DeSantis 🚀
Lenilson DeSantis 🚀@lenilsonjr_ · building stuff
@imkmf In the woods, using a 3G connection, with lots of mosquitoes around.
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