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Which is the best customer service online chat tool?

I want to know which is the best online chat tool you've used to reach out for help while browsing a store? Helpdesk? Intercom? Of all your conversations, how many times were you helped with context-specific information, compared to the times you were helped with generic answers?
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Tejaswi R@tejazz89 · @AnaekHQ; Previously lead-gen @VWO
@darkysharky Intercom or Freshchat if you are looking for lot of context and profile info, product usage etc. Else. Olark is my recommendation for a lean and mean + awesome support chat tool
Karl Harris@apogeefreak
@darkysharky - is what we use and it’s affordable and has some great features
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@apogeefreak Great! Their UI seems pretty similar to Intercom's. Nice!
Ivan@visualpharm · Founder of Icons8
@darkysharky easy, Intercom. However, I am curious about other suggestions. We want something that has lighter JS and is cheaper, but still with a great UI and with a FAQ section.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@visualpharm Hmm, I also think Intercom is great, especially when it comes to UI, FAQ and re-engagement, however I agree that it could be lighter and definitely cheaper. How does this sound to you - cheaper solution, lighter client and most importantly - let your users help each other via that chat tool? No need to pay for extra support workforce + believe it or not, but your users could have more insights about your products than your employees (this is almost always true :D )
Parth Shrivastava@parth_sh · All Things B2B Marketing
@visualpharm Give a try to Kommunicate( We have in-chat FAQs which you can customize through the dashboard.
Pradeepa Somasundaram@pradeepa_somasundaram · digital marketing consultant
Freshchat is good for online customer support.
FerminRP@ferminrp · Growth Hacker at #Lookea
@darkysharky Intercom is the best I know, and fb messenger are free :)
Tung Thanh@tung_leo · Vietpiczzle
@darkysharky I use Tidio, free for up to 3 members. Really convenient.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@tung_leo Nice! I explored Tidio's widget when I started working on ours! It's cool!
David Oudiette@davidoudiette
@darkysharky Intercom, but looking at Crisp lately (the fact it includes session replays is pretty cool).
Shruti@shrutikhaitan · Product Marketing, Freshworks.
@darkysharky Check out Freshchat, from the Freshworks Inc family - the messenger comes with topic-based channels and FAQs integrated inside the messenger. It also helps you send proactive campaigns to customers on the website and in-app and routes chats based on skill levels. Freshchat is also adding co-browsing and session replay to its set of features to make support more contextual. More details here: Cheers!
Anand G Rao@anandrao · Head Solution Bar - Retail As A Service
@darkysharky Freshchat for sure, you get context and helps convert to tickets easily.
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Hi! In Bubblehunt we using Chatra! It's free for 1 online operator, have a clear design, working good on desktop and mobile.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@vladislavkors Nice, haven't seen Chatra. Thanks! Btw, I see that you allow website links indexing. We do that too @ swiftviews. However we stumbled upon some quota issues when indexing Amazon. How did you get around that?
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Happy to help :) We don't have this problem. In any way, I can recommend to use different proxy servers to fix this
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@vladislavkors Hmm.. yeah - thought about that but I will explore their API access first. Thanks!
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Good idea :) No problem, I'm in touch if you need it
Adeel Faisal@adeelfaisal2 · Making something new ;)
@darkysharky Live Chat Inc. Is super intuitive and easy to use.
Nikhil Jois@nikhiljoisr · Co-founder, Eventosaur
@darkysharky Zoho Sales IQ is something we've found to be easy to use and effective.
Alexandr Stetsuk@alexandr_stetsuk · CEO A2A Number Inc.
@darkysharky Intercom - the best and Bitrix24 is not bad
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@alexandr_stetsuk It seems that most of us use Intercom. Why do you think that is?
Dannie Nguyen@linhng · Junior Marketing Executive
@darkysharky Slack I think. Slack has already been well-known for teamwork communication but customers' questions/feedbacks can also be sync automatically to your Slack chat box
Naoba@naoba_ahanthem · Zibili Zibli Zab
@darkysharky ManyChat which is built upon FB Messenger. Best: because messenger leads are more genuine, open rate is high and most probably the visitor might already be logged in FB in the browser and hence seamless chat.
@darkysharky Kayako is my recommendation for this at the moment (at least for SaaS products). Very similar to Intercom but pricing is based on agents rather than number of customers which potentially works better for small startups and personal projects.
Pankaj Taneja@pankajunk · Marketing Manager, HyperOffice
@darkysharky is a new player in the market. its unique because it includes video and audio in addition to chat, which might be suitable for more engaged purchases. it also has co-browsing which old customer service chat systems used to have, but newer systems like intercom and drift dont have.
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