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Which is the best customer service online chat tool?

I want to know which is the best online chat tool you've used to reach out for help while browsing a store? Helpdesk? Intercom? Of all your conversations, how many times were you helped with context-specific information, compared to the times you were helped with generic answers?
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Tejaswi R@tejazz89 · @AnaekHQ; Previously lead-gen @VWO
@darkysharky Intercom or Freshchat if you are looking for lot of context and profile info, product usage etc. Else. Olark is my recommendation for a lean and mean + awesome support chat tool
Karl Harris@apogeefreak
@darkysharky - is what we use and it’s affordable and has some great features
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@apogeefreak Great! Their UI seems pretty similar to Intercom's. Nice!
Ivan@visualpharm · Founder of Icons8
@darkysharky easy, Intercom. However, I am curious about other suggestions. We want something that has lighter JS and is cheaper, but still with a great UI and with a FAQ section.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@visualpharm Hmm, I also think Intercom is great, especially when it comes to UI, FAQ and re-engagement, however I agree that it could be lighter and definitely cheaper. How does this sound to you - cheaper solution, lighter client and most importantly - let your users help each other via that chat tool? No need to pay for extra support workforce + believe it or not, but your users could have more insights about your products than your employees (this is almost always true :D )
Parth Shrivastava@parth_sh · All Things B2B Marketing
@visualpharm Give a try to Kommunicate( We have in-chat FAQs which you can customize through the dashboard.
Pradeepa Somasundaram@pradeepa_somasundaram · digital marketing consultant
Freshchat is good for online customer support.
@darkysharky Intercom is the best I know, and fb messenger are free :)
Tung Thanh@tung_leo · Vietpiczzle
@darkysharky I use Tidio, free for up to 3 members. Really convenient.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@tung_leo Nice! I explored Tidio's widget when I started working on ours! It's cool!
David Oudiette@davidoudiette
@darkysharky Intercom, but looking at Crisp lately (the fact it includes session replays is pretty cool).
Shruti@shrutikhaitan · Product Marketing, Freshworks.
@darkysharky Check out Freshchat, from the Freshworks Inc family - the messenger comes with topic-based channels and FAQs integrated inside the messenger. It also helps you send proactive campaigns to customers on the website and in-app and routes chats based on skill levels. Freshchat is also adding co-browsing and session replay to its set of features to make support more contextual. More details here: Cheers!
Anand G Rao@anandrao · Head Solution Bar - Retail As A Service
@darkysharky Freshchat for sure, you get context and helps convert to tickets easily.
Fawad Ansari@fansarisays · Co-founder of nTask. Tech evangelist. - we're using Crisp and Zendesk (before we decided to move to Crisp) to provide support. They're both great tools.
Daria Zwierz@dardar0307 · Online Community Enthusiast
@darkysharky I use LiveChat. It's easy to install and use. Surely one of the best chat tools on the market.
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Hi! In Bubblehunt we using Chatra! It's free for 1 online operator, have a clear design, working good on desktop and mobile.
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@vladislavkors Nice, haven't seen Chatra. Thanks! Btw, I see that you allow website links indexing. We do that too @ swiftviews. However we stumbled upon some quota issues when indexing Amazon. How did you get around that?
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Happy to help :) We don't have this problem. In any way, I can recommend to use different proxy servers to fix this
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@vladislavkors Hmm.. yeah - thought about that but I will explore their API access first. Thanks!
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
@darkysharky Good idea :) No problem, I'm in touch if you need it
Adeel Faisal@adeelfaisal2 · Making something new ;)
@darkysharky Live Chat Inc. Is super intuitive and easy to use.
Nikhil Jois@nikhiljoisr · Co-founder, Eventosaur
@darkysharky Zoho Sales IQ is something we've found to be easy to use and effective.
Alexandr Stetsuk@alexandr_stetsuk · CEO A2A Number Inc.
@darkysharky Intercom - the best and Bitrix24 is not bad
Angel Nikolov@darkysharky · Seek help, get help, be the help!
@alexandr_stetsuk It seems that most of us use Intercom. Why do you think that is?
Dannie Nguyen@linhng · Junior Marketing Executive
@darkysharky Slack I think. Slack has already been well-known for teamwork communication but customers' questions/feedbacks can also be sync automatically to your Slack chat box
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