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Anything better than Skype for talking to potential customers?

I’m starting the beta program for my product and I’d like to do some usability testing at the same time. So, I want to have a video conf with people that are going to test it and see their screens. Is there anything better than Skype for this? I want something that is as little of a hassle for the users. My biggest problem with Skype is having to log out and log in constantly to keep business and personal accounts separately and also I don’t want my Skype account to turn into an informal support channel (it would make it really hard to deploy a support team later on).
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    We've been using Zoom for a while now. Works well, I'd suggest giving it a go.
    Larisa DeacUX/UI Designer · Written
    Used Zoom for this type of things too. Fairly easy to set up and works well.
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    Fredrik Aurdal 🇳🇴 made this product
    There are some pretty serious issues with Skype at the moment, which Microsoft hasn't fixed yet: You can have a look at, under Communication, it ranks the most secure and privacy preserving communication apps.
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    Google Hangouts

    New web app for Google Hangouts cross-device messaging app

    Anne S. KatzeffDesigner, Artist, Teacher · Written
    Easy to use. Great video and sound quality. Uses less bandwidth than Skype.