Ryan Snyder
Ryan SnyderProject Manager

What's automatic savings app / tool would you recommend?

I'm looking for an app that will allow me to automatically save money based on 'buckets' I've setup. I'm a huge fan of Digit but that only saves to one area and I'd like to setup multiple; i.e. "family trip, personal trip, hobbies" etc. What has worked for you?
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    Online banking with automatic budgeting

    Thomas Carrier
    Thomas CarrierBusiness Process Specialist, Digimarc · Written
    Here's another (different) approach...more along the lines of 'buckets'. Simple is a checking acct which gives you a 'Safe-To-Spend' amount rather than a 'Balance' after you set up saving goals, which in a sense save a small amount every day until you hit that goal on that date.
    Shea Lignitz
    Shea LignitzWriter & Web Designer · Written
    I use Simple and love it. It makes it so much easier to not have to worry about how much money I need to have in my account by a certain date — you just set it and forget it! Safe-to-Spend is a lifesaver.
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    SMS bot that monitors your bank account & saves you money

    Digit does let you make savings for multiple categories. They introduced it as Goalmoji.
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    Automated portfolio management monitoring your investments

    Thomas Carrier
    Thomas CarrierBusiness Process Specialist, Digimarc · Written
    Acorns works well for me - love the 'Round-Up' feature that rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests those spare cents into your acorns account. Then, once your comfy - you can set up recurring charges to be invested. And just like other investment apps, you're able to adjust between conservative, moderate, risky investments...dividends seem pretty nice too (which are reinvested). But it really comes down to the friendly and SIMPLE UX.