What's the best app to follow many websites, blogs without RSS, medium collections, etc. ?

I'm looking for an easy way to have all the sites I follow in one place. My collection consists of WordPress blogs, VC portfolios, SaaS blogs, Medium collections, blogs without RSS, Quora blogs, news sites, etc.
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    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia50Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I love Refind, because I can follow what and who I like to read, and it also has a community aspect. Feedly used to be my never loved feed reader. I find myself using Refind quite regularly. They have a great feature for "Read soon" and "Read someday," which are beautifully designed. I also signed up for the Writers badge. Refind isn't your typical feed reader, but it's one I see myself sticking to for a while.
    • Carlos Herrera
      Carlos HerreraSoftware Engineer, Epicor Software

      I've been using Refind for a week or so and I have read so many good articles. The quality of the posts Refind finds is amazing.

      Sometimes the amount of good links results in lower productivity :/ I'm working on this.

      Kudos on the makers, this is a very useful tool.

    • Arin Basu
      Arin Basudoctor, professor environmental health

      Amazing app, keeps getting better. Superb design aesthetics, works in every browser. I miss a dedicated iphone/android app for refind.

  2. Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist · Written
    As it says, all the sites that matter to you, all in one place. And that's what you are looking for.
    dmitrizzleTravel, startups & film photography. · Written
    Feedly has its issues (mainly in stability/usability) though it seems to be the best one around at the moment.
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    Panda 5 Beta

    A smart news reader, powered by integrations.

    Great place to see all news in one place
    • Pierre LeBaux
      Pierre LeBauxkoloseo.cz

      Guys, if you can't straight up tell me what is premium going to set me back, you don't deserve the money. Practice of hiding pricing tables is coming back to trend as some new f**cking growthacking strategy and I hate it. It took one generation to convince businesses to be upfront and transparent about pricing. I can only assume why you did it this way, but it is a huge turn off. Maybe only for me, but I suspect there are dozens of us. DOZENS!