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How would you best compare living in SF vs. NYC? 🌉 🌃

Please try and give pros and cons of each.
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Diego Iglesias
Diego Iglesias@diego_iglesias · CPO/Product Manager
@pav_sethi SF: white people with ipads. NYC: people from every part of the world doing amazing stuff, trying to make it.
Johnyvino@johnyvino · Humanizing User Experience
@pav_sethi NYC is filled is best creative people
@pav_sethi New York: Dressing up means putting on the latest hot trends. The subway will take you pretty much everywhere you need to go. and San Francisco: Dressing up means putting on your *favorite* Patagonia hoodie. San Francisco: Hope you enjoy three Muni transfers and then a nice stroll uphill!
Amir Hossain Rozel
Amir Hossain Rozel@dr_rozel · CEO, and
@pav_sethi I think NYC is best for living
Ionut Mares
Ionut Mares@itsionutmares · Founder / Creative Director
@pav_sethi Stephen Covey - First things first Richard Branson - Screw it, let's do it
@pav_sethi NYC: Better food, transit, culture SF: Better Networking, salary, weather, scenery, outdoor activities
Pavan Sethi@pav_sethi · building things.
@zlouden This is spot on but I can't decide which I want more.
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