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Now that Medium has gone premium, is it still the best place for a new startup to blog?

I'm about to start our blog for Arsenal and want to do it in the best place.
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@janedonuts Medium is perfect for startup, business, general design oriented blogs or trendy articles. The biggest its asset is audience. So if you write something that Medium readers love, you can get free explosion. But it doesn't happen often. Instead you need to promote your articles. The bad thing here is that with Medium you have one more step for users to your website. Medium has very low convertion to your target action (getting users, sign ups, emails). Choosing between Medium and blog on own website, I would choose second. However, making blog takes time, so Medium is still OK option.
@janedonuts @lisadziuba I don't get this: "Choosing between Medium and blog on own website, I would choose second" You know Medium offers support for custom domains, right? Product Hunt's blog is on Medium.
@janedonuts @lisadziuba @arunsathiya Medium stopped supporting that for new blogs And even if it was still supported, for product blog, in my opinion it's still better to use custom blog on your product domain subdirectory (not on a subdomain - there's a difference for search engines). 1. Your main product search engine rank will go higher 2. Like Lisa noted, bigger chance of converting potential customers/users 3. You aren't limited to what Medium offers in terms of branding, theme, features, etc.
@janedonuts @lisadziuba @serafindominik Ah, didn't read the actual text. Thanks for clarifying, Dominik! Yes, I am not a huge fan of Medium either because of the feature limitations. I would recommend anyone to signup on or get a WordPress setup. :)
@janedonuts @lisadziuba Why not both? 🤔 I suggest making your own blog + a publication on medium. Publish your articles on your own blog first and then go over to and import it into Medium. You can also have a small disclaimer at the bottom "This articles was first published on our corporate blog XY" This way you'll get the reach of Medium plus the custom benefits of your own blog.
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@janedonuts @lisadziuba @itsdavelux How do you avoid duplicate content penalties? How do you show search engines that both contents are same?
@janedonuts Honestly, the first question you should ask: Why do you need a blog? There are dozens of blogs already and maybe content marketing is not the fastest way to get users for your case.
@lisadziuba Thanks, Liza, for your replies -- mainly just want to keep people up to date on our company happenings, but also build audience and awareness in the startup community. Would not really be using it as an acquisition vehicle. I guess the other option would be blogging on LinkedIn.
@lisadziuba @janedonuts LinkedIn and Medium's biggest asset is the audience, like Lisa said. Medium and LinkedIn are great places to get started with. That said, is no different either. It's a great place to begin, especially with the availability of Reader and Discover features. I understand you are looking at free solutions (not premium). is my natural choice, but if you feel limited with the features available on the Personal plan, you can upgrade to the Premium or Business plans. You can also consider getting your own self-hosted WordPress ( site if you are familiar with the setup process and maintenance.
@janedonuts I don't believe it was ever the best place for startups and new blogs. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When you start something new, you need to build your brand, something you cannot possibly do effectively at Medium. Don't take my word for it, read what start up Mentor, Kevin Indig, wrote in a recent blog post about what startups and new blogs should not be doing... "Without further ado, here’s what you should not do: 1. Using Medium as preferred blogging platform The most important goal to accomplish for a new brand is to build “domain authority”. You want Google to recognize your brand as a brand and not another “word”. That’s even more important when your startup’s name is “generic”, like “Apple”. Google knows that when people search for “apple”, they want the brand, not the fruit."
@jasonpadenaz Good point. However, the point of using Medium is to drive traffic and build awareness. I think the suggestion above to do both is the best here.
@janedonuts as always depends. If you only want a blog to place content on your startup, Medium is the perfect platform. Their editor is the best there is out there and the community creates organic traffic. Now, if your business is media, Medium isn't probably the best place and you'll outgrow it soon enough. Statistics are basic there and you'll find other limitations.
@janedonuts Medium is a good place to write 'guest blogs'. If you submit a blog to a big Medium publication, and they choose to publish it, then this can drive organic traffic to your website.
@janedonuts "Best" is a highly subjective opinion. Same thing was said about Geocities, MySpace, and Tumblr. Nothing at all wrong with Medium taken for what it is; I use it extensively! But keep in mind that it is always and forever Medium, not "YOUR" site in the sense that most would consider that context. Here's a pretty thorough way to look at it:
@seobrien_mediatech This is super helpful. Thanks for sharing.
@janedonuts why put all of your effort in building up/marketing your posts on Medium when you can put the same effort into a blog on your own website where the subsequent traffic will stay? I'm always baffled by writers who post to Medium instead of their own websites...Medium does nothing to promote your blog posts, so why bother?
@janedonuts Steemit is an extremely cool platform for posting blog posts:
@janedonuts I would try Supports Markdown.
@janedonuts Wordpress Are build for blog.
@janedonuts In China, there is a very popular profession called new media, the so-called new media refers to the personal opinion leader's personal blog. But at present, the new media has Chinese too much, competition is intense, although not very good business channels, but derived from the knowledge of new media pay, live quiz, social game has a very good development prospects, so as long as you find a good direction, you can still achieve good results in the business blog on.
@janedonuts yes, especially because it saves your time through their easy design and publishing process. You can also integrate it with this software that helps content quality and SEO
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