What is the best app to manage the Personal Finance?

I'm looking for apps to manage personal finance, which also supports Budgeting feature and it should be a cross platform app. Thanks.
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    One app to control all your money across countries and banks

    Irakli Agladze
    Irakli AgladzeCEO @ Combine. I like all things fintech · Written
    Irakli Agladze made this product
    Let's start with the statement that I'm a maker of Combine, so that's why I'm recommending it :) But actually, Combine is exactly what you're looking for – intuitive, quick and simple to use. An iOS app that tracks multiple bank accounts from multiple countries simultaneously we've launched on Product Hunt today and hunters can get a first month of premium subscription for free
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    YNAB (You Need a Budget)

    Gain control of your money

    Very easy to use
    • Jan Beco
      Jan BecoSales & Marketing

      Loving it. Recommended it to dozens of people already. Helped us to get rid of a ton of debt. Check it out.

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    A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint

    jeevan4Programmer, Xilinx Inc · Written
    Penny sends you beautiful tailored charts and insights to help you know how you’re spending in real time. It keeps track of your payments, spending habits and keeps you posted about the important dates
  4. Praneeth Sannareddy
    Praneeth SannareddyETL, AI & Predictive analytics. · Written
    I use this to track my expenses along with the Budgeting feature. We can easily track expenses by Tags
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    A powerful money tracking app that thinks the way you do

    Mason Wolters
    Mason WoltersStudent, maker @slopeapp · Written
    Mason Wolters made this product
    Great design