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What are the best online survey builder tools?

I'm looking for an app or a tool - something easy to implement on my website to run a survey (customer feedback/poll/etc.). Ideally with a WP plugin available.
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    7 most important website widgets in a single app 👊

    Ksenia BorisovaGetSiteControl, Content & Communications · Written
    Ksenia Borisova made this product
    Our Survey widget is an easy tool you can use to conduct surveys and polls on your website. It includes pre-made templates for some of the most popular types of surveys, such as 'How did you know about our website?', 'Have you found what you were looking for?', etc. It also allows you to create your own custom surveys and include different types of questions, such as multiple choice questions, star ratings, text fields and many others. One good thing about GetSiteControl Survey widget is that you can use all the basic features for free! We offer a WordPress plugin too!
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    Survicate 2.0

    The fastest way to collect feedback from customers

    Marta KaczmarekCommunity & PR Manager · Written
    Definitely worth to check out. 5 solutions under the roof of one product (NPS®, In-message surveys, Targeted Website Surveys, Questionnaires, Feedback Widget). There's a lot of integrations - with WordPress, Intercom and many more which makes it easy to implement on the website. Free subscription plan available (Essential) - perfect for smaller projects and evaluation. There's also great deal for early stage startups (Startup Program).
  3. Dmitry KurmanovSurveyJS contributor · Written
    Dmitry Kurmanov made this product
    Hello! I am one of developers of SurveyJS project. So I would suggest you to use our free Wordpress plugin (GPLv2 license). It based on our Survey Builder with myriad options. Our main features: - It has 15 elements (questions and panels) from simple inputs like text and dropdown to Panel containers and dynamic matrix (table), that allows to build you complex forms. - Multi pages support - It is localized on many languages and supporting multi language surveys/forms (one survey for several languages). - Control survey flow by setting visibility expression for pages, panels, questions and even individual items in checkboxes, radio groups and dropdowns. - Fill data for checkboxes, radio groups and dropdowns from web services. - Validate user inputs with several built-in validators. - Show results in a read only survey. - Several good-looking themes and much more PS: if you don't need Wordpress you may try our online survey builder for free and emded it in any site.
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    Turning surveys into conversations!

    JOSE GONSALOProduct Marketing Manager @SurveySparrow · Written
    If you want run survey on your surveys, you can go with embedded surveys. Well, SurveySparrow allows you to do it. You can either use html code or WordPress Plugin. To learn more details on WP Plugin, check this: To know more about SurveySparrow Embedded Surveys, check here: Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any question.
  5. Sarah MillerSurvey Specialist, SoGoSurvey · Written
    If you’re looking for options, SoGoSurvey lets you collect feedback through Surveys, Polls and Assessment, plus use some snazzy ready-to-go templates. You can customize to embed seamlessly into your website, add images and multimedia, and make your brand look professional and polished through a tool that’s free!