What is the best Mac or Web App for time blocking my day?

I'm looking for a Mac or Web App that will help me build a schedule for my day so that I can set better routines in place. Currently, I use Google Calendar, but I feel like there are probably more focused solutions that would outperform it. I remember coming across Sunrise, but sadly it was just as it was being absorbed by Outlook. Whadda ya think, Product Hunt?
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    Kin Calendar

    The simple and connected calendar

    I've just come across Kin Calendar - it looks like they picked up where Sunrise left off. I'm keen to try it as I think it might be exactly what I'm after, but unfortunately, they're invite-only for the time being so I'll have to wait until I have a chance to test it out. Otherwise, to my surprise, it doesn't seem like there are many strong contenders in the Mac/Web App Calendar space. Ripe for innovation! ;)