Elizabeth Hannan
Elizabeth HannanChief Digital Strategy Officer

What do you use to creat a full data reporting dashboard?

I'm hoping my brilliantly talented fellow nerds can me advise here. I'm looking for product Recommendations: I'm building out a complex analytics reporting dashboard. (Daisy-chaining reporting technologies together ok. Need to incorporate, +GAnalytics +Paid Ads +Social Metrics +Email Automation Metrics mostly likely +CRM down the line. Zapier-friendly ideal. This is a culmination of social, content, analytics, paid, email reporting+ etc. It is early on but what do you use to create dynamic dashboards? Creat Regular 30 day reporting for clients? Feel free to share your triumphs and frustrations with the products that you have used :-) (Please include names of saap/saas.) This final project deliverable will be designed for the typical Client/Agency relationship. Clients are so rarely versed in Data and Data-driven decisions. The final dynamic dashboard has to be easily consumed.
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  1. Vindya Gunawardana
    Vindya GunawardanaCo-Founder @MuchCast · Written
    Would you like gather social data more simpler and easier way for your data reports. Visit our site and get access to real time twitter data with more relevant and accurate with your context. Also you can export your data to .pdf and .csv formats. It provides sentiment and emotion analysis for the researched tweets as well. Make your data analytics decisions at your earliest. Feel free to ask any questions !
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    Monitor the vital signs of your business

    Alina Benny
    Alina BennyContent Marketing Manager @ Sales Hacker · Written
    Our support team at Freshdesk recently set up a support dashboard and it's been looking great so far! Here are some of their Marketing dashboard examples: http://bit.ly/2yF9cR8
    • Jorn Elferink
      Jorn ElferinkCo-founder of Wordapp.com

      The second time I try it. While it has improved over the last 12 months, new 3rd party app connections come in slowly.