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What is the best app for grocery shopping that can be used by multiple people?

I'm moving out and would like to know what the best app for sharing grocery lists and groceries are
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    More than just groceries, easy to share
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    Recipes management on your mobile and in the cloud

    My wife and I use Paprika for recipe management. Within Paprika we can plan our meals on a calendar and then export those ingredients list into the grocery list function of the app. We are both logged into the apps on our phones and use it at the store while shopping.
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    Clever shopping - simple and shared

    Philipp KlausUI/UX Designer and Mobile Product lover · Written
    Simple and does exactly what it should!
  4. John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Simple grocery list app, that allows you to easily share your list with anyone.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Nate OttoDirector, Open Badges, Concentric Sky · Written
    My wife and I share a shopping list on Todoist. It's easy to add a task, it has a useful home screen widget on Android, list sharing works well with notifications when someone else completes a task. Probably most importantly, it doesn't try to do a whole lot more, like force you into inputting recipes, so there's not a lot of time that you have to invest before it's useful.
  6. Steven KrygerDigital Marketing Specialist · Written
    My wife and I have been using this for years. Haven't needed to look elsewhere.
    Wade ArmstrongGuy who builds things with technology. · Written
    AnyList has one big feature that I love - favorite lists. Put your weekly staples in a single list and never forget to get them again. It can also be configured to share lists across stores, so you can make a single list and have it visible across multiple stores.
  7. Antony BearparkGraphic and Web Designer · Written
    Great little shopping list app. I can set the prices of food, add coupons, rearrange the categories to match the aisle order in my regular store. It tells me the total price of my list and automatically adds new items into the correct category. Can sync on web browser too so I can plan my shop on my laptop and use my phone when out shopping. Whilst I don't share the list, the ability is there too
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  8. LeandroCommunity at Product Hunt · Written
    If you use iPhone, and are generally in the Apple ecosystem, the built in Reminders app is more than good enough for this. You can share across devices and with multiple people.
  9. Very helpful little app, me and my bf use it for over a year