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What are some great phone-tree softwares that isn't for managing a call center.

Basically need for 1 number to call either all people at once, or a chain of people in a row based on answering. Looking at Talkdesk but not sure of what else is out there. ty.
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    Phone support made easy

    Really easy to configure and to set-up. You can also configure routing policies, forward call to a mobile, and send calls from Aircall.
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    Call center software for startups and small teams

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Hiver | Prev. @ Freshworks · Written
    A new product on the block. I'd say give it a spin.
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  3. Szymon Golyski made this product
    We have a power dialer dedicated for call centers and click to call widget which is dedicated for small companies who need exactly what you do - make or take a few calls a day.
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    The all-in-one call center software for small business.

    not recommending -- just saving.
  5. Saba KarimAlways tinkering · Written
    Simple to use, affordable and lets you run a remote office connecting all staff