Joe Filcik
Joe FilcikWriter, Product Manager

What's the best simple budget tool like Level Money (now shutting down)?

Level Money is going away! It has a great & simple approach to budgeting. Looking for something similar.
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    The New YNAB (You Need a Budget) - Now SaaS
    Adam Teece
    Adam TeeceMarketing Scientist, · Written
    Not as automatic, but really simple and great approach to budgeting.
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    Notion PM

    The perfect workspace to manage projects with your clients

    Helen Larsen
    Helen LarsenStart up geek, investor, money addicted. · Written
    It will count your money and help to save them, giving you some tips where you're wasting them.
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    A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint

    John Ababseh
    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Simple tool for managing your money and creating a budget, that has a conversational text UI
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    Nora Conrad
    Nora ConradOwner of · Written
    I've been using this along with the Dave Ramsey debt payoff plan and it's working great for me and my husband. There are both app and web versions and it's super simple to setup.
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    Actionable financial advice on your phone

    Hussein Yahfoufi
    Hussein YahfoufiCo-founder 👉 · Written
    I started using Albert a couple months ago, very neat concept and way of organizing financials. They have a few quirks they are working through (still new) but I think overall it's great.
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    Clarity Money

    Lower bills, cancel accounts, create a savings account

    Chris Abad
    Chris AbadOwner & Filmmaker of Dad Fresh Films · Written
    Nice, streamlined interface. Allows you to see a snapshot of all of your financial accounts.