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Best iOS apps not available on Android?

What are some iOS apps that you cannot wait to see on Android?
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  1. Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen made this product
    Since you get energy tips and can work even harder :)
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    A smart to-do list that divides up your tasks for the day

    Michael HirschFounder of Taskful · Written
    Michael Hirsch made this product
    Everyone should have an equal opportunity to stay product and enjoy the process!
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Arun5Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I think this might be the best answer of all. ;)
    Tejas Kinger23SaaS Product Marketing @ Hiver HQ · Written
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    Hey Siri

    Commands you can use on your iOS and macOS Devices

    Hussein Yahfoufico-founder at Money Minx · Written
    Because Android users should suffer with Siri too
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  5. Best App for Movies Ever!