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What is the best example of a product/service that lets you help a total stranger?

What I'm getting at: If there is a general appetite for people wanting to help strangers, what exists today with this same goal? I'm looking for best execution, not just concepts. One example: Answering someone's question on reddit or another forum. On the other end of the spectrum: A product that lets loan your car out to someone who needs it.
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  1. Andy SantamariaEnamored of travel, ever restless · Written
    Ok fine, I'll start. This is a good example. You can call someone who will potentially help you out when you visit Sweden. Total stranger helping you out.
  2. John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    First off I think its great that you want to help people/strangers. I think it's difficult to think about an app or product that helps strangers because how would one get the strangers on the product in the first place? I think organizations like dosomething and volunteermatch are things that could help you find an opportunity, but usually the opportunities aren't completely randomized.
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    Give directly to people in need, get raw video updates

    This is an app where you can donate to help others. It lets you see where and how your donations are being spent. It may not necessarily be the physical act of helping like volunteering, but you will be helping complete strangers.
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