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What's a good alternative to Facebook groups?

I have a paid membership site and we use a FB group for the community aspect but none of us really like Facebook. I need a good alternative. We've considered slack quite a bit but it's a bit of a learning curve for some of our members. I'd love some suggestions!!
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  1. There are a few video games I like whose developers have a sub-reddit as their main community hub to interact with fans, and I'm sure there are other non-gaming communities that are centered around the same idea. It's free and there are literally millions of people who use Reddit every day, so it could be worth checking out. Creating a sub-reddit is can be done within a minute or two. You have mod tools and page customization tools at your disposal, and you can even set the page to private if you wanted to.
  2. Tejas KingerSaaS Product Marketing @ Hiver HQ · Written
    My pick would be Slack, but if you're not comfortable with that, have you tried LinkedIn groups? They are reasonably popular.
  3. Although not many people use it, Google+ is still a good choice.
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    Workplace by Facebook

    Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action

    Nivas RavichandranStartup Partnerships at Freshworks · Written
    Hey Nora, I recently registered for a summit and they added me to their Workplace Community. I think it is a great idea and has been working well. It is easy to consume content and avoid disruptive messages like Slack.
  5. David CrowtherI help convert more browsers into buyers · Written
    Can be used as a direct replacement for Facebook Groups and has a free plan up to 500 members. Very clean and usable interface as well.
  6. David CrowtherI help convert more browsers into buyers · Written
    If you're just looking for a place to chat with your community members, Flock offers Slack like functionality but with threaded conversations and more—see