What are the best apps/webapps for teachers?

I'm a teacher at a universiy in Uruguay and would love to include innovation and interactions with my students. Like Kahoot or similar apps.
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    Complete presentation platform for professionals

    Alice TaylorSocial Media Specialist · Written
    Besides creating a presentation you can use it to help your students interact with you and ask you questions in real-time. And its free for teachers.
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    Tars PPC Chatbots

    Your pay-per-click static landing page stands no chance

    Vinit AgrawalCo-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) · Written
    Vinit Agrawal made this product
    Try out making a ChatBot to explain things in an interesting way. Like this Bot which explains the concept of Bitcoin: https://hellotars.com/convBot/de...