Augusto CM

What is the best way to promote your store online?

I just started a small business selling leather goods, 100% handmade. I already tried reddit, some facebook, I haven't try good adwords yet... but I would like to know what is the best way to promote it online without spending a lot.
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    Tejas KingerSaaS Product Marketing @ Hiver HQ · Written
    Have you tried setting up Shopify to sell your goods?
    Divya ParekhCommunications enthusiast. · Written
    having an online store really expands your business horizons intentionally to a few countries, or even globally.
  2. Hey Augusto! You can try Etsy. It's a marketplace for handmade goods. You can be a buyer or a seller there. Good luck :)
  3. Derek J. SineManaging Director · Written
    Can't beat cross-channel syndication. If you want to fish, go where the fish are... Over 60%+ of purchases are from marketplaces vs DTC organic search. A lot of syndication tools in the market but the crew from ChannelApe come heavily recommended from our camp.
  4. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Automated social marketing tips and tricks...
  5. They offer a lot for free!