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What's the best platform for building an online community?

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    A platform for community discussion. Free, open and simple.

    Moin Uddin
    Moin UddinCreator/Developer · Written
    Give this a try.
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Discourse is the best! It's robust and feature-packed that you cannot get away from it. Do give it a try if you have not.
    • Vinish Garg
      Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

      I have used it extensively in Andrew Chen's talk platform: and also for Write The Docs forum at I think it meets most of the goals of a well structured, well monitored, and custom discussion forum. I like it.

    • Daler Karimov
      Daler KarimovQuestion. Learn. Make. http://www.Eve.QA

      Happy using it for my projects:

      Eve.QA - easy and expressive Q&As for events. - a place to share and discover exciting opportunities.

      Apteka.TJ - forum on health, beauty and family well-being.

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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Artashes Vardanyan
    Artashes VardanyanLove disruptive tech. Constant Learner. · Written
    it's great if you have an initial target group of few dozens of people who can be involved there and bring some engagement. it is simple and I know couple of startup, product, fintech retated communities there, which are pretty active
    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski39Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    I'd go with Slack as well. I am a member of multiple different teams and most of the are super engaged communities that post and talk interesting stuff daily. Other than that, you could also start a subreddit dedicated specifically to your business or an industry if the business is too niche.
    • Amrith Shanbhag
      Amrith ShanbhagCommunity + Social at Product Hunt

      I'm a part of a ton of Slack communities but I'm active in only a handful.

      Slack works to its fullest only when it is implemented in a team and everyone's supposed to use it for communication. Slack could/should improve on making the communities on it better by adding relevant features.

    • João Oliveira Simões
      João Oliveira SimõesDesign Lead, 44 Studio

      As a remote designer, this is a must have. I'm always contactable and available. Super easy way to also have quick calls and communicate with other team members on different teams.

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    The easiest way to launch your own Product Hunt-like site

    Have you had a look at Telescope? It's a good option if you're looking to take an open-source approach.
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    Build a community and a business on mobile

    Emerging platform from the founder of Ning. It's pretty slick thus far.
    Mightybell gave us an easy to use, visually driven community platform that encourages not only engagement but also re-engagement. Highly Recommended!
  5. Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    I've recently found this very attractive and simple tool
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    Create a people directory for your community 👫

    Marc Köhlbrugge
    Marc KöhlbruggeFounder of BetaList · Written
    Marc Köhlbrugge made this product
    I just launched this today and saw your question pop up so I figured I'd share it. Faces is a way to give your _existing_ community an online home. It's not mean for building a community from scratch, but it serves as a nice overview of who's who for example a meetup groups and the like. It strengthens your community by enabling members to easily find each other and connect. Something that's especially tricky for otherwise offline communities.
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    ✎ Espree Devora
    ✎ Espree Devora"Girl who Gets it Done" · Written
    This is what I use for both the LA Tech community and the Women in Tech community. and
  7. Depending on what kind of community you want to build, you'll have different needs. But common to most communities are: - communication - scheduling / events - polls That's pretty much what Mobilize has built, plus you don't need to force people to use the web app, which means you get higher engagement. It's free for 100 users, and they've got a cool feature called 'Networks' which means you can scale out the community around certain topics, events or something else. Check it out!
    ✎ Espree Devora
    ✎ Espree Devora"Girl who Gets it Done" · Written
    It has tiered levels, can post events, is both on mobile and web, great for ambassadors programs, SMS features plus member only profile directory
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    Mighty Networks

    The fastest way to create a community-powered brand

    Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed Rafy5All things Community · Written
    I have used it quite a few times and their UI is clean and simple including great functionality.
    • Vishnu Narang
      Vishnu NarangFull Stack developer

      The platform is technically complex to build but for the end users, it's so simple with every feature that's most wanted to build a community. It's better than facebook, linked-in or any other platform that tries their hand at being a community driven platform. And it's far from perfect and yet it's better than all others. Imagine how awesome it will be once the team develops all the features they've been working on.

    • Nicole Jolie
      Nicole JolieOwner, SkinByRadiance

      Gina is truly brilliant. She doesn't know me and she has no idea I exist on this planet. I like that she's bucked the trend. I'm working on creating a MN for a specific type of crowd right now. Listen to her interview with Ally Trowbridge it's great!

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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    I would also heartily suggest going beyond the forum if you're trying to create a real community, where there's a greater degree of trust. Video calls are a great way to do that, and Zoom leads the way.
    • Anthony Recenello
      Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden

      The audio quality is so bad that it's the same level as a payphone. Really not worth paying money for when there are better solutions.

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    Facebook Live

    Connect with public figures through live video

    Facebook Live is a pretty cool tool for hosting more interactive versions of what we would once have called 'webinars' or the likes. It's less formal, and has greater reach, which is good if you want to run a fairly open community (or an open portion of it), but obviously not so great if you want to preserve anonymity to your users.
  11. If you're wanting to build a ProductHunt-esque community, check out this WordPress theme which is pretty awesome. It's tracking the features and direction of ProductHunt, so most things PH can do, PlH can do too.
  12. Flimper is a social media marketing tool that reads every Twitter and Instagram interaction. We are talking about 8000 tweets per second worldwide & 1000 posts per second on Instagram ¡WOW! But our magic is that Flimper can read and automatically reply to these messages in just few seconds, taking all the opportunities giving amazing experiences to every follower on behalf of any brand. Also, Flimper increases the reach of social media campaigns by over 300% And we double the return on every dollar invested in Social Media This makes brands customers love them even more Flimper use Artificial intelligence, Big data, and Bots.
  13. Abhishek Maheshwari
    Abhishek MaheshwariSoftware Engineer at QueryHome · Written
    Used this to create my community for IoT developers