Sambruce Joseph
Sambruce JosephProduct Designer

What are the best iOS apps you are subscribed to monthly/yearly subscription?

I am currently studying the models used for subscription apps in the app store. (e.g. Tinder, Headspace) What are the app you are subscribed to and how is the experience so far?
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    Apple Music

    All the ways you love music. All in one place.

    Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    The music library unlocked
  2. 3

    Any song. One tap away.

    Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    Skipping ads and selecting the exact songs are the best feature in PRO
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    The New Headspace

    Learn to meditate and live mindfully

    Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    Headspace is one of the apps which I am triggered to subscribe to their awesome packs.
    • Mandeep Singh
      Mandeep SinghA Maker & Startups Enthusiast

      I only went in for a quick 5 minutes session and I found it very soothing, so much that I nearly slept in the middle of the day. The voice over is very strong and in some ways better than Simple Habit. It does also have a great selection of content and as you might have guessed is getting into my shortlist.

      More info here:

    • Evan McCoy
      Evan McCoyProject Strategist @ Big Nerd Ranch

      For those of you who want to become their best selves, Headspace is a fantastic intro to the world of meditation. Andy is a great guide and I've improved so much at work and home thanks to being more mindful throughout my day. Would highly recommend for people who want to live 'optimally'.

      If you're the kind of person who needs more extrinsic motivation, this may not be for you as the 'hook' to continue daily meditation is more nuanced and self-actualized.

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    Tinder 4.0

    Tinder, now with #TinderMoments photos

    Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    Tinder Pro has some cool features to get more matches
  5. 1

    Your personal mindfulness trainer

    Pushpak Chakraborty
    Pushpak ChakrabortyProduct Manager @ Aware · Written
    Takes a very different approach - doesn't trigger you even once to subscribe. Immerses you slowly into the experience till you can't stay without using it. Combined with reasonable pricing, the conversion rate (F2P) of Aware on iOS is as high 68%.