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What is the best newsletter service?

Looking for expert recommendations, to use subscription newsletter services before launching my internet Startup. I came across MailChimp and stumble upon its features, but it feel expensive for startups. Anyone have a good, reliable, free/low cost alternative recommendation?
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    Easily create an engaging, gorgeous, weekly digest

    A great solution. Free up to a certain number of subscribers. Pro version is also required to unlock personalization features, but the free version looks great. Love it.
    I started using Revue last week and love it. Dead simple WYSIWYG editor, built-in analytics, integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, PH, more, and my favorite is the Chrome applet that lets you import links into an inbox.
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    Free email template builder for designers and developers

    YuriyMarketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Easy-to-use email builder with designed email templates to save time on routine
    Ivan Burban made this product
    Stripo is a good choice for design newsletters, but we don't work with delivery.
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    Simple email newsletters

    By Mailchimp. But simpler. Love the clean and simple design.
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    Email Marketing Platform - Create and send better campaigns

    Ivan Mirindie app developer · Written
    I went through many and settled down with MooSend. They have all the important features and decent prices, including "Pay as you go" plans.
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    Really Good Emails

    A large collection of good product email design.

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    This is not newsletter service but if you are planning to use one, you might wanna check this because it contains a collection of some awesome examples.
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    What Email Service Should I Use?

    Answer 8 questions to find the best email service for you

    This ESP picker just got featured !
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    360 degree Email Marketing Automation

    It's free up to 500 subscribers, and comes with lots of growth and automation tools, including an API.
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    HubSpot Free Email Marketing

    Powerful drag and drop email marketing in the HubSpot CRM

    Alex BirkettExperimentation & Growth Leader · Written
    Free email marketing capabilities that tie into your free CRM. Additionally you can use HubSpot's free lead capture tools - forms, popups, live chat, etc. - to basically set up a full inbound engine on your site for free
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    Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

    Alex Botvynkoseo, link building, outreach expert · Written
    It's an all in one email marketing platform with loads of features and affordable prices. (up to 2500 subscribers free plan) very affordable.