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Which secure email service do you prefer?

I'm looking for the best secure email service.
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    End-to-end encrypted email, based in Switzerland.

    Olivier HamelCo-founder @Prodibi · Written
    Have you tried this? They have a strong community of happy users!
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    This is THE best secure email service as today (my personal opinion).
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    What do you mean exactly by "secure"? Having worked at Google I'm obviously biased, but I think Gmail is the best email service out there. It supports 2-step verification, has several account recovery options, and is seemingly integrated with a range of other products. You can use it in combination with Virtru if you want end-to-end encryption.
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    Mailfence secure and private email
    Phil ReillyIrishman living in NYC 🗽, 🏗 & 💻. · Written
    I personally suggest you Mailfence, absolutely superb platform, won't miss Gmail at all. Great user experience, I myself compare it to Apple Ios. Also, great customer experience. Cheers