Tamas RatkaiFull Stack Marketer

What is the best tool for self hosted or paid WIKI / Knowledge base / FAQ?

I would like to create a huge knowledge base on our site and currently, I am looking for the best solutions. We just want to have a separated WIKI / Knowledge base / FAQ from the main Blog posts without any ticketing system. Our site runs on WordPress but I also don't want to install another Theme for this. So I am looking for plugins, third party services or a SaaS like HelpDocs.
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    A simple, beautiful, and open source wiki for teams

    Caleb SylvestPartner & Experience Designer · Written
    Matterwiki is great because it provides all the necessary wiki tools without being opinionated or bloated with ridiculous features.
  2. Gollum (used by the folks at GitHub) is a simple wiki system with an awesome API and local frontend that's built on top of Git.
  3. AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    Opus is an opensource knowledge base application for teams.
  4. Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Its Good for creating your own knowledge database
  5. Essekia PaulBuilder of WordPress products · Written
    Helpie is a simple and powerful knowledge base / wiki WordPress plugin and works with any theme. Do try our free demo.