Melanie KrohnProject Manager, Bozell

What are your favorite little-known iOS apps?

I am not looking for things like Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but I love discovering new apps that are useful/fun/intuitive / etc... Recommend away!
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Taskade is still very little-known and under the radar!
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    Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    This is the most simple app on my phone but also the one I recommend the most. It's by far my favorite productivity tool. 1) Set a timer for a certain period of time during which you can't touch your phone 2) While the timer is going, virtual trees are planted in your virtual forest 3) By planting virtual trees, you collect coins to plant REAL trees Be productive AND plant real trees, win-win situation. You can also see how long your friends are focusing and compete with them each day.
    Love the concept. Installed it, but must start using it also ;-). Will do asap!
    K.Volkan GündüzManaging Partner of Mailcell · Written
    Utilize the technology to save the forest
  3. Michael SharpJava Software Engineer · Written
    I found this app quite randomly last year and I've been sketching with it very often on my iPad, and I do some journaling as well. I like it mostly for the brushes and pen tools that give you and authentic writing/sketching experience.
    Jean LeonardI am CRM Marketing Specialist · Written
    I actually really like NoteLedge by Kdan Mobile. It's not a very well-known app among the note-taking apps, but it's a good solution for note-taking in all kinds of settings, drawing/sketching, creating to-do lists and you can even work on PDFs (highlighting and annotations). I use it almost every day for various tasks and I think it helped increase my productivity and how I approach time-management in general. I can't think of that many apps on my phone that I use this often, so overall NoteLedge is a good find.
    Clarence GarrisonJava Software Engineer · Written
    For me, NoteLedge has been quite useful in many ways, and it's not very popular among the notes apps, but I like it. I use it for notes almost daily, as well as creating to-do lists and journaling. It has helped me with productivity and managing my daily schedule.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    I would recommend you Zenkit, a collaborative Projectmanagement Tool. We invented a flexible workspace you can use to organize anything. Zenkit allows you to manage your data in any way you need to, with different views and filter. We recently had an update with new views and filters. And it’s free to use, so give it and try and tell us what you think. (Disclaimer: I work at Zenkit)
    I dont know if it is little known. I recomend it for all PM. Good workspace. Easy to use.
  5. Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    Another recommendation I have is I found a fraudulent charge on my card a couple months ago and since then I use Privacy for every online purchase I make.
    K.Volkan GündüzManaging Partner of Mailcell · Written
    It keeps my privacy for each online purchase.
    Jacob JonesDigital Marketing Specialist · Written
    This product is amazing.
  6. Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    I'm not sure if this is little-known or not, but I love this personal finance app. It has everything I need, subscriptions, budgeting, savings, etc.
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    The fun to-do list with a personality

    It's fun, snarky, and helps me get things done with rewards, unlockables, and challenges.
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    Dark Sky

    Weather app that predicts when it will rain or snow

    Alexander ObenauerFounder, Mindsense: Mail Pilot, Throttle · Written
    Best weather app I've ever used. Crazy accurate an beautiful local radar. Notifications in advance of rain.
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    Bad Disco JanetKeep On Truckin' · Written
    This is my go to for Weather. It's good for tropical weather - particularly tropical storms or hurricanes for knowing when things are starting to get nasty nearby
    Yan Xiu WenProgrammer/game developer · Written
    It is pretty cool to predict rain or snow! Like it! The design is nice.
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    We've just recently released a new version of our mobile app. If social media monitoring is your thing, it's a good way to keep track of all the relevant mentions. Users can sign up or create projects, which they couldn't do in the old version of the app. We haven't launched it on PH specifically but here's a link to a video explaining the most important features
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    Interest based conversation #FollowWhatYouLove

    Joshua GunningCofounder & CPO @ Assembly · Written
    Joshua Gunning made this product
    Check it out on TC: PROJECT GENESIS: Our social feeds are based on “friends” or acquaintances that we’ve met throughout our lives by circumstance. We don’t necessarily share the same interests with these people, nor do we have much in common other than the circumstances in which we met. We have pretty much full access to these people. Snapchat for the “in the moment”, Instagram for the “humble brag”, Facebook for the “family-focused updates”, and Twitter for …well I’m not quite sure “thought vomit?“. However, none of this helped me much when I moved from middle Missouri to Orlando, to NYC, to SF, and then to LA. There I was in these new cities with no friends or family. All the degrees of connectivity didn’t help. I had to find friends and people of interest the old-fashioned way. To walk up and say, “Hi, I’m Josh.” This method didn’t fair too well in New York City. I was truly lonely in a city of 8.4 million people and none of my social networks could help me. The SF and LA community were a bit more receptive but most people I met didn’t share much in common, or maybe I’m just picky or maybe they didn’t like me… but that only sells my point more. It took a lot of time to develop any lasting relationships, lots of time… after 7 years of being in LA, I can finally say I have a good group of friends. That seems strange. I’m not that scary of a person and I rarely bite. This is why we are building Pinguin. We believe there’s a gap in the social space the incumbents simply can’t afford to target that lets people socialize around their interests, rather than being tied to the people they know because what’s life without expanding into the unknown? That’s exactly what Pinguin is: An interest-based social network that enhances communities both geographical and topic based through relevant conversation. PROJECT IN MY OWN WORDS: Pinguin is an interest-based application to discover and connect with communities that I care about. It’s a place where I can have the conversations I want to have with the people that want to have them with and care about what I have to say, immediately. I can choose to connect with a broader community or find people that share my interests in the same city or event.
    DevonCofounder of Pinguin App · Written
    Devon made this product
    We've seen so much awesome conversation happening here. I've been proudly nerding out in the #Startuplife channel all week.
  11. Helps you save space on iPhone storing the high-resolution photo in a secure cloud while keeping the low-resolution photo on your device. And you also can order prints of your photos and have them delivered to your home.
  12. Ivan Mirindie app developer · Written
    Luckily I haven't needed it and hopefully never will but it's a nice thing to keep on my phone. Available on Android too and there's also one for pets.
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    A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint

    Penny is a finance coach app that has an intuitive UI and uses a bot to talk through your financial health across all the accounts. Decent charts like "How's March going?" OR "Breakdown by category" are really cool
    RobbProject Manager · Written
    Penny is a calming presence in a world that can be very tough to understand. She gives insight on spending and seems like she is always adding new features and abilities. Penny+ (paid level) is totally worth it for the sub-categories alone.
  14. Agenda is a widget app that, in my opinion, does a better job than the stock calendar widget at displaying upcoming calendar events.
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    Evernote Scannable

    Multi-purpose scanning app from Evernote (iPhone)

    Calvin DassI'm just here for the ride. · Written
    This has made going paperless so much easier! It takes 3 seconds to capture images, it enhances them automatically so they look like they've been scanned, and the PDFs or images can be shared with most other apps (I save mine to Google Drive or Box). It also integrates with Evernote and can automatically save contact information from business cards when you snap them! The scanning boundaries are also super accurate :)
    Oh yes! Since years I am using it. I bought a colour laser printer without! a scanner, because I have Scannable! So good! Do you have a scanner? Sure!
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    Be My Eyes

    Lend your eyes to the blind

    ShafiuProduct Designer · Written
    I love helping visually impaired people with this app. I've helped 9 people so far. Every time I answer a stranger's call it just lights up my day. I would totally recommend this app.
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    organize anything, from anywhere

    Robins Gupta made this product
    I use this app every day from managing my personal work to managing our team projects. The best thing about is its availability everywhere (Desktop, Android, iOS).
    Love using this app. We use for managing our team, its very user friendly and easy to use ready to use templates.
  18. Vivafit is my fav app on iOS. It's a fitness app that's based on AI technologies. Good choice if you want to keep fit without spending money on personal trainer and gym. The app just tracks youк movements during workouts and correct mistakes if neccessary. So I would really recommend to try it.
  19. Sami RehmanFounder and CEO, My Film Buzz · Written
    Sami Rehman made this product
    Existing movie rating systems are broken. They attempt to cater to everyone's tastes with a single score. These scores can be biased or skewed and are often used more as a marketing tool. We all have friends that share our particular taste in movies. Those friends that recommend great movies to us because they understand us and know exactly what we like. This is the true measurement of quality which is what makes the My Film Buzz rating system different. By connecting with your friends, you will get a personalised movie rating based on their votes. In this way your score is completely personal to you and your unique network.
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    Remotely download things on your Mac from your iPhone

    Matthias GansriglerIndie software developer from 🇦🇹 · Written
    Matthias Gansrigler made this product
    Whenever you need to download a link you come across on your iPhone or iPad to a Mac, this is the app to do it - you enter the URL into the iOS app, and the Mac counterpart starts the download. So when you return to your Mac, the file is ready for you.