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What are the best alternatives for Google Forms?

Suggest some good signup forms for free use.
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    Paperform v2

    Make beautiful forms in minutes

    Paperform is a great alternative if you're searching for a professional-level form builder. It's not free (only free trial), but has a great value to price.
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    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Ureeda Asim
    Ureeda AsimContent Creator | Content Marketer · Written
    Airtable Forms are best for saving form results to a database. Just like Google Forms, it offers unlimited forms in the free package. However, the entries are restricted to 1.2k. If you wish to go beyond the 1.2k entries, the paid plans start from $12/mo. I think it is a pretty good deal since this is the closest you'll come to getting something for free, like Google Forms.