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What internal knowledgebase do you recommend using?

As our company grows, we need an internal knowledgebase / ticketing system to save time. Any suggestions on simple tools to set up?
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    Initially, we used BitBucket, where we host our code, as both an issue tracker and also a Wiki. We would just put all the technical information within the repo's README files. If there is too much of text to be written in there, we would create a Google doc, copy the text in there and leave a link to the doc in the README. But as we grew, our information sharing needs grew as well. The BitBucket repo README files weren't sufficient anymore. We needed a better tool to create, manage and share the info. As a long time user of Atlassian products, it was a no-brainer for us to migrate to Confluence as our internal wiki and collaboration tool. Jira + Confluence + Hipchat together has improved our team productivity a lot. Good luck! :) EDIT: After reading what I had posted, I feel that I sound more like a salesperson for Atlassian. Just wanted to leave a disclaimer that I am just a happy customer.
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    Will CurranChief Event Einstein, Endless Events Β· Written
    Simple easy to use wiki
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    Elastic Intranet
    Grzegorz Ciwoniukco-founder @ elastic 365 Β· Written
    a shameless plug: if you need an internal communication and knowledge management solution - it's all there, ready in minutes πŸ‘
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    Multi-channel and easy-to-use customer service software.

    Sona PisovaWriter. Tutorial star. Β· Written
    LiveAgent is great and scalable. It's a ticketing system with tons of helpful features including a knowledge base builder.