Ahmad Younis
Ahmad YounisFounder at Playtoon

What internal knowledgebase do you recommend using?

As our company grows, we need an internal knowledgebase / ticketing system to save time. Any suggestions on simple tools to set up?
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  1. Raghavender Rao Jitta
    Raghavender Rao JittaFounder of ConvertFox Β· Written
    Initially, we used BitBucket, where we host our code, as both an issue tracker and also a Wiki. We would just put all the technical information within the repo's README files. If there is too much of text to be written in there, we would create a Google doc, copy the text in there and leave a link to the doc in the README. But as we grew, our information sharing needs grew as well. The BitBucket repo README files weren't sufficient anymore. We needed a better tool to create, manage and share the info. As a long time user of Atlassian products, it was a no-brainer for us to migrate to Confluence as our internal wiki and collaboration tool. Jira + Confluence + Hipchat together has improved our team productivity a lot. Good luck! :) EDIT: After reading what I had posted, I feel that I sound more like a salesperson for Atlassian. Just wanted to leave a disclaimer that I am just a happy customer.
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  2. Ben Lang
    Ben Lang23Shipping Β· Written
    If you're looking for something simple, elegant and easy to set up, you should check out Spoke. Not too much on the site yet but the product is already in use, ping me @benln if you want to see more. PS: I work with Spoke πŸ‘Œ
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  3. Will Curran
    Will CurranChief Event Einstein, Endless Events Β· Written
    Simple easy to use wiki
  4. Grzegorz Ciwoniuk
    Grzegorz Ciwoniukco-founder @ elastic 365 Β· Written
    a shameless plug: if you need an internal communication and knowledge management solution - it's all there, ready in minutes πŸ‘
  5. Veasna Onn
    Veasna OnnBuilding Intake 360 Β· Written
    Flexible and easy to use. Award winning customer service