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What tool do you use to correct grammar and spelling?

As for many here, English is my second language, and automatic tools for correct spelling and grammars are helpful. What do you use for your writing? What feet you best?
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Grammarly For now, I'm stick to Grammarly app. Before i used mostly Google Docs for spelling check and Google Translate for word choice, but since Grammarly deliver desktop application I had a switched to it. I do not use its browser extension and mobile app because of too many permissions it asks.
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@alex564 hi! Probably they could help you: grammarly and
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@boboshkok I'll check Thanks!
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@alex564 @Grammarly is the best of breed in that space, in my opinion. Money well-spent.
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@alex564 The @grammarly chrome extension is great. It does a perfect job of not intruding in the different apps you use while always being there to correct mistakes.
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@alex564 I just love Grammarly 🚀
@alex564 proofreading services on Fiverr. The results are bittersweet: I'm glad to see my grammar, spelling and style mistakes corrected, but it's also humbling to see just *how many* mistakes I've made.
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@alex564 I also recommend Grammarly !
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@alex564 !Grammarly And now that they work on Google Docs, I don't think I'm leaving them. :-)
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@alex564 I'm going for Grammarly. I am a premium user (i.e. I'm paying for it), and there are many advantages that go with that, mainly as it will correct my language *and* style depending on what kind of documents I'm writing; this is especially helpful when using their standalone app, which allows you to set goals when writing/importing a new document; screenshot of this: Also, I must shout out to Microsoft Word as it is today. I'm using the Word 365 version, where their "Grammar & Refinements" section is actually improved where it comes to style - not that the prior styles were anything to write home about. Here are a few screenshots of what they're checking, e.g. "Clarity and Conciseness" - - "Formal Language" and "Inclusive Language", which is very interesting where "bias" is concerned - - and "Punctuation Conventions": Still, I believe Grammarly truly shines where using their "Insights"; an example of this: Grammarly wins for reasons of clarity, style, and simplicity. Still, they have a long way to go where technical writing is concerned; I use Microsoft's Style Guide professionally, and Grammarly is not really adhering to their ways of thinking. Gotta give MS claps for using GitHub for their Style Guide, by the way. All in all: Grammarly is something I dig, as it allows the use of add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, et cetera, and also plugins for the MS Office products.
@alex564 Grammarly, dont look past it, its simply amazing and light to use
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@alex564 Hi!I used Grammarly...
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@alex564 Most of my writing happens in-browser so there is a continuous spell check by Chrome. For more complex paragraphs, I use Word to edit / refine before sending.
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@alex564 Always Grammarly for me
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@alex564 I use @grammarly 😉 It is the best
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@alex564 @grammarly is really cool. I don't need any other tool or gadget. It automatically corrects typos and grammer issues. You can also achieve the same thing on your mobile device with grammarly keyboard. Give it a try.
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@alex564 Honestly I don't recommend Grammarly. I don't know any good tools but Grammarly doesn't do a good job. Seems I can't post a sample doc here to show how it performs.