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What's the best email client for business?

With email clients being bought out (Astro) and stopping development (Newton, Nylas), what's the best remaining email client for business? For me features that are required are: - fast (keyboard shortcuts, etc) - email snooze - send later - remind if no replies after X time (Newton ticked off all these and I sorely miss it :()
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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Polymail checks all of the boxes, is $10 a month. I use it everyday in a SaaS sales position and I love it. My referral code is, gets you $10 off.
    • Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at Product Hunt 👋

      Polymail picked up where Mailbox left us hanging. Implementing all the best features like "Read Later" scheduling and swipe actions — all housed in a clean design.

      Lately, I've noticed that Polymail is focusing more on biz dev and sales productivity with Polymail Pro. Understandable, with Sparrow and Mailbox being sold off and shut down. It's clear that email clients need to become profitable to survive. Unfortunately, I'm often pressured into features that I would never use via prompts and popups.

      I have used Polymail for a couple of years now. I still notice a few small bugs around rendering emails, and the Read Later queue can break down if you have several threads saved. Still hoping these issues will be fixed soon. 🙏

      Overall the app still functions great and is my daily email client.

    • Kevin LouFounder, Anytable 🍜

      I recently gave Polymail another try and it's indispensable now. Fast mailbox switching and read receipts are the killer features for me.

      Love Polymail for the Mac, but the iOS app doesn't do it for me. When I'm on my phone, Inbox is my go-to.

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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    SaevantInteractive Developer · Written
    Spark has everything you need, it's super-customizable, no monthly fees or anything weird but I think you have to pay for the product itself. It syncs GREAT over icloud. I've used it for years man and I'm a stickler for speed, simplicity, readability and taste... this has it all for me.
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    • Alex HaffEntertainment // Media // Technology

      I've been using Spark since the very beginning. I was an original waitlist-starting user of Mailbox, and was excited to find spark almost immediately after Mailbox went extinct. This is the best email experience on every platform, and has a variety of productivity features that make it my go-to.

    • Ever since Mailbox became a graveyard app, I have been looking for a worthy replacement – and Spark is as close as it gets! The UI is clean, combining dark and light colors which helps with using the app; the side menu being dark while the rest of the UI has a white background makes you focus on the important stuff (the mail list and the mail in focus)!

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    Collaborate on Customer Support, Hiring, Sales, and more.

    Jon SutherlandVP of Product at · Written
    Front is an amazing tool for collaborating on email with your coworkers. It has helped us at communicate more effectively as a team, and has all the bells and whistles I personally need that are common in email clients.
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  4. Tinjo ThomasArtist and Designer · Written
    I have used many email clients for mac but couldn't find anything better than postbox. Everything just works unlike Apple mail.
  5. Pavan Sethi17building things. · Written
    Superhuman is by far the best email client out there. It's still invite-only, but it should be easy to find someone to invite you. Feel free to reach out if you want one :)
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  6. MattDeveloper & Systems Engineer · Written
    Works well and is a decent fork of Nylas, so if you already used Nylas, you'll love this.
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    End-to-end encrypted email - now on iOS & Android

    ((-_-))I.K. Eu. Innovations | I.T. | C.c.( ) · Written
    Love this email client. Pretty secure and it just looks great
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    Loop Email

    Organize your Inbox into channels like Slack 💌

    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager at LOOP · Written
    Re-inventing the purpose of the email. Real-time, fast, built for teams and their seamless workflow.
    • Mateja SefmanHead of digital marketing

      Love how I can triage messages and emails in the same inbox. The files tab for every channel is a gem. Looping in a team is so powerful when I need help with my responses to clients. The bot is still under construction but he's getting some cool skills soon!

    • Loving the fact I can have one place to check my emails and messages. Obviously with this there are some advanced features still not there, but I can live with this given I now only have one place to search for all my stuff

  9. Bruximitekickstarter agency · Written
    Easy to manage multiple accounts and services all within the app.