Chris Wray
Chris WrayLove building things that fix problems.

Does anyone know of a product that helps makers build web apps without coding?

I know already of "bubble", but not really happy with it. If you have a link, please share. Thanks!
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    Framer for Web

    The best prototyping tool for teams, available for free

    Framer X is a great design tool and gives you a introduction to React by allowing you to create and see interactive components and ui elements
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    Pagedraw - Beta release

    Compile UI Mockups to React Code

    Marcus Ellison
    Marcus Ellison🎨 Helping you engage your network · Written
    I really like the components architecture and not worrying as much about CSS/HTML/dumb components coding
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    You Don't Need WordPress

    Create a blog with only Google Docs

    Anthony Thong Do
    Anthony Thong DoEntrepreneur, Product Manager · Written
    Turn your google docs into a site
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    Bubble 2.0

    Build and host web applications without having to write code

    Dionis Kole
    Dionis KoleBrand Strategist & Marketing Consultant · Written
    Create web apps visually.
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    Stacker for Airtable

    Turn your Airtable into an app in minutes

    Harry Tucker
    Harry TuckerProduct Growth Lead @ Bolt Bikes · Written
    This just came out today! Build a React web app, publish with data.
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    Parabola 2.0

    Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code

    Jon Sutherland
    Jon SutherlandCo-founder & Head of Design at Monarch · Written
    Jon Sutherland made this product
    Hey Chris, you should check out! You can use it to pull in data, transform it based on a series of rules, and push it to any destination. You can use it to build back-end logic for your product, and use something like Google Sheets as your database.
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    The simplest & most elegant online publishing tool.

    Julia Xu
    Julia XuMaker. Designer and developer. · Written
    Amazing for beautiful, slick UIs with unparalleled animation control. A lot of designers like to use this to build out their ideas without any code. It offers a lot off flexibility for interactions, allowing you to create awesome animated hover states, for example. Amazing free plan!
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    Bubble 2.0

    Build and host web applications without having to write code

    FerminrpProduct @ belo · Written
    Best alternative I´ve foun out there
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    Christopher Davies
    Christopher DaviesFull stack Django/Node developer · Written
    Christopher Davies made this product
    For the backend side of things, I just launched BackendLab this morning - It allows you to create a web app backend with a posgreSQL DB, a REST API and user auth/permissions without writing any code and with very little time
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Brian Sanchez
    Brian SanchezSolutions Engineering at Parabola · Written
    I've been a long time user of Webflow, and its really powerful for building out full featured sites and now eCommerce platforms. No coding needed.
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    Job board Fire 2.0

    Create your own job board in minutes

    Suren Petrosyan
    Suren PetrosyanFounder, · Written
    Suren Petrosyan made this product
    If you want to create a job board app, I made Job Board Fire with makers in mind :) It's very quick to get up and running, and doesn't have a monthly subscription so you don't have to pay another bill while your job board is picking up steam.
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    OutSystems Platform
    The best low-code platform