Chris WrayLove building things that fix problems.

Does anyone know of a product that helps makers build web apps without coding?

I know already of "bubble", but not really happy with it. If you have a link, please share. Thanks!
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    Framer X

    React, meet design

    Framer X is a great design tool and gives you a introduction to React by allowing you to create and see interactive components and ui elements
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    Pagedraw - Beta release

    Compile UI Mockups to React Code

    Marcus Ellison🎨 Helping you engage your network · Written
    I really like the components architecture and not worrying as much about CSS/HTML/dumb components coding
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    You Don't Need WordPress

    Create a blog with only Google Docs

    Anthony Thong DoEntrepreneur, Product Manager · Written
    Turn your google docs into a site
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    Bubble 2.0

    Build and host web applications without having to write code

    Dionis KoleBrand Strategist & Marketing Consultant · Written
    Create web apps visually.
  5. Angelique GillmerProud evangelist of Famous Studio · Written
    Famous Studio can!
    Sara StoddardCreative Strategist | Creative Producer · Written
    Agreed! With Famous Studio, designers can import files from the tools they already use and love (Sketch, Photoshop, AdobeXD) and instantly turn them into fully responsive Progressive Web Apps. Check out the Famous Studio YouTube channel for daily videos on everything from how-two's and tutorials to feature previews and product insights from the Founder/CEO:
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    Build web apps in your browser, without code

    Harry TuckerProduct Growth Lead @ Bolt Bikes · Written
    This just came out today! Build a React web app, publish with data.
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    Parabola 2.0

    Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code

    Jon SutherlandCo-founder & Head of Design at Monarch · Written
    Jon Sutherland made this product
    Hey Chris, you should check out! You can use it to pull in data, transform it based on a series of rules, and push it to any destination. You can use it to build back-end logic for your product, and use something like Google Sheets as your database.
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    The simplest & most elegant online publishing tool.

    Julia XuMaker. Designer and developer. · Written
    Amazing for beautiful, slick UIs with unparalleled animation control. A lot of designers like to use this to build out their ideas without any code. It offers a lot off flexibility for interactions, allowing you to create awesome animated hover states, for example. Amazing free plan!
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    FerminrpProduct @ Mercado Pago · Written
    Best alternative I´ve foun out there
  10. Christopher DaviesFull stack Django/Node developer · Written
    Christopher Davies made this product
    For the backend side of things, I just launched BackendLab this morning - It allows you to create a web app backend with a posgreSQL DB, a REST API and user auth/permissions without writing any code and with very little time
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  11. Brian SanchezSolutions Engineering at Parabola · Written
    I've been a long time user of Webflow, and its really powerful for building out full featured sites and now eCommerce platforms. No coding needed.
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    Job Board Fire

    Create a free Job Board Website

    Suren PetrosyanFounder, · Written
    Suren Petrosyan made this product
    If you want to create a job board app, I made Job Board Fire with makers in mind :) It's very quick to get up and running, and doesn't have a monthly subscription so you don't have to pay another bill while your job board is picking up steam.
  13. Viet Nam TOPThi cong bang hieu quang cao · Written
    design professional