The Sales Handbook by Intercom is a collection of stories and advice from industry leaders who’ve scaled sales to breakout growth and beyond.

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    I really like how it look likes! Great! Love Intercom)

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    Good variety of people sharing sales advice


    A lot of obvious statements "don't sell $1 for 90 cents" ...

    A lot of self promotion with Intercom

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John from Intercom here. Delighted to be sharing our tenth book, The Sales Handbook. If looking to hire and grow your sales team, choose the right sales strategy for your business, or sell your product in an authentic way, this is the book for you We partnered with high-growth SaaS companies (like Hubspot, Terminus, LinkedIn, SaaStr, Close and many more) to learn exactly how they have scaled sales to many millions in revenue, in the hopes that their advice will help you do likewise. Interested? Grab a copy for free today and let us know what you think.
There's something for everyone for everyone in this handbook, from when to go upmarket to how you should be thinking about bots and automation. The very best in the business share some invaluable insights that are crucial to understanding how to create, grow and scale your sales team. Really proud to have a little exert of mine featured, where I touch on a thought that helped form our strategy for real-time sales at Intercom. Check it out a free copy now 😃