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What is Jam?
A developer collaboration tool for bug reporting that helps engineering teams fix bugs 20x faster. Instant bug replay and diagnostics, such as: network requests, console logs, device, and more are automatically captured in one link. It's free at: jam.dev
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Jam tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Jam is built with. Jam utilizes products like Intercom, Next.js in their tech stack

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Jam Tracing
Capture and send a video + full trace of a bug across your infrastructure to an engineer, in 2 clicks. It's the 1st ever screen recorder to incorporate backend logs to give engineers a full end-to-end view of a bug in one easy link. Faster debugging, promised.
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JamGPT is debugging alongside you, so you can identify the bug, receive the code to fix it, and share with your team – all in one link. Powered by OpenAI and unique bug diagnostic data from Jam, you’ll never have to search Stack Overflow again.
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