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What do people think of Zendesk?

The community submitted 68 reviews to tell us what they like about Zendesk, what Zendesk can do better, and more.
What do you think about Zendesk?
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68 Reviews
David Laubner
Marketing, Tech, Founder
12 reviews
Used at several companies. It is a default for customer support software when you start looking into what service you will use. Very easy to set up and use for even the smallest teams

Vitor Seabra

Founder & Leadership at Pluga

5 reviews
Zendesk is powerful tool for customer support. On the other hand it is very expensive as well and I think they are struggling to follow the AI trend.

Lisa Hancock

Operations at Glimpse

4 reviews
Zendesk can be challenging for some users due to its customer service responsiveness, with reports of days-long waits for support replies. The platform has faced criticism for its siloed systems, which can complicate the user experience for those needing a unified customer service solution. Moreover, the lack of native integration with popular CRM software like HubSpot can be a significant drawback for businesses seeking a cohesive customer relationship and support management system. Overall, just don't do it.

Brendan Levin

Founder & Leadership at Simply B2B

6 reviews
We use Zendesk (https://simply-b2b.zendesk.com/h...) for our customer knowledge base. 100's of articles and everything is easier to understand and manage! Once a person signs up on https://simply-b2b.com - we send them a welcome email and a link to our zendesk hosted Help Centre

Ezgi Arslantay

Founder & Leadership at fucimo

8 reviews
Zendesk has been instrumental in building our Knowledge Center. It's easy to set up, intuitive to navigate, and managing content is a breeze. But here's the catch: it's not cheap. Sure, it offers top-notch features and a seamless user experience, but the cost can be a hurdle, especially for smaller businesses. If you're ready to invest in quality, Zendesk is the way to go. Four stars because, well, premium features come with a premium price.

Lucas Weiner
Customer Success
5 reviews
Zendesk provides a lot of utility to me and my team but seems slow to adapt. What they do, they do well. That being said, I often feel that they have opportunities to improve their services that would take them from a 4 star to a 5 star product.

Vincent Hoonings
Lover of life and adventurer :-)
3 reviews
I spend some time playing around with it. Had it all set up but then decided to go with a far more basic tool. It's too complex for a startup. Sometimes simpler is better.

Elisa Reggiardo
Partnerships @ Slite
16 reviews
I have used Zendesk for longer than I would like to confess - it's been beautiful to be part of a journey and see the product and brand grow.. both the buddha and Mikkel will be forever missed 💙

omar rodriguez borja
portafolio nasdaq.com
5 reviews
me parece muy buena pagina

Ben Caster

Community & Support at DailyHack

2 reviews
good and very nice.