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What is Fibery?
Fibery is a work and knowledge platform for startups. It unites research, software development, marketing, and CRM and allows to have an uninterrupted workflow from an idea to IPO.

Fibery tech stack

We're aware of 4 technologies that Fibery is built with. Fibery utilizes products like Next.js, Plausible Analytics in their tech stack

Recent launches

Fibery AI
Create a new custom space for ANY domain (🎣→👩🏻‍💻) in minutes from a simple prompt. 👽 Call AI to do things for you automatically: from summarization to information extraction. 🤓 Write and edit texts faster with a chat-like AI Assistant.
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Fibery for Startups
Fibery is a work & knowledge hub for startups, less hated than all the rest. Why? 🧶 It unites research, soft dev, sales & CRM, replacing 5+ tools. 🔗 Has nice docs, powerful databases, reports & automations too. 🧀 Free for 1 year if your startup's ARR < ours.
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4 more launches

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