The Growth Handbook is packed full of practical advice on how to rapidly grow your business. It features interviews with Intercom executives as well as people who have built some of the software companies we most admire.

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Would love to grab this but the landing page isn't sending it out.
@hkimia Want to drop me an email at john at intercom dot com and we'll sort you out?
@hkimia @jaycee001 Same here. Says something along the lines of adblocker blocking or something like that. Using FireFox without any ad blocker still the same.
@hkimia @jaycee001 Same issue. FWIW, I've always had issues downloading content from Intercom — I think I tried downloading the Customer Success book four times before I gave up.
@hkimia - iv'e tried Chrome and Safari and still can't download it
@dee_mirai and @thisdickie Can you drop me a mail and will sort this out for both of you? john at intercom dot com
Another great piece of content from Intercom!
Great timing for me!

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Really good lessons learned & shared