The Customer Retention Starter Kit

Stop customers slipping away. New from Intercom.

The Customer Retention Starter Kit is full of actionable customer retention strategies to help grow your business. It's based on Intercom's experience helping Intercom thousands of companies avoid the heartache of churn, and now we're sharing that in an easy to follow Starter Kit.

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Hey @ruairigalavan, @tweets_amanda & @geoffreykeating, We love Intercom here at Product Hunt. Can you tell us more about your new release. What are the key features that can help retain customers?
Thanks Jacqueline! This new guide will show you how to identify your most “at risk” customers, and how to craft a series of highly personal messages that will get them back on track. Whether you're an Intercom customer or you just want reduce churn at your company, our hope is that this simple guide will help kickstart a retention program in your company that will ensure long-term growth for your business.
Churn is always a problem for SaaS owners (speaking from first hand experience) so great to have a helpful guide on this stuff. Thank you Intercom.
Intercom is one of our products of choice to communicate with our users and help them along the way. I look forward to get into this kit. I do wonder, if this is the “Starter kit”, will there also be an “Expert kit” in the future?