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Take Mobile Carousels for a spin – customizable, multi-screen messages for onboarding, announcements, and proactive support – no code required. Increase retention, request permissions, deep link to features, and start conversations in the Intercom Messenger.
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Hello, fellow hunters! Mat here from Intercom. We just released a new messaging product for mobile apps called Mobile Carousels (, and I’m very excited to share it with you all today – if you thought there wasn't room for innovation with the humble in-app message, prepare to be surprised. Boost retention and engagement using customizable multi-screen messages, sent to the right people at the right part of their journey with you. We’ve been in beta with this product for a while now. We’ve consistently seen improved user retention in control group tests (+5 percentage point increase in 21-day retention), and people are opting in to device permissions at much higher rates (>75% of the time). When we launched Product Tours ( last year I had lots of conversations with our customers interested in using something similar in their mobile apps. As we explored their needs, it was obvious that they saw it as the answer to many overlapping problems: onboarding, announcements, feature activation, proactive support, and more. They also loved the idea of being able to do that without having to regularly build messages in-house and ship updates to the app stores. Instead of going all-in on cloning Product Tours for apps, we built something that addresses those needs more directly. This allowed us to design for the unique challenges of mobile app experiences. And so, Mobile Carousels were born. So, what sets them apart? * Single or multi-screen swipeable messages. * Request device permissions (e.g. push notifications, location, camera, and more) right from the message. * Drive action: deep link to features, open URLs, and start conversations in the Intercom Messenger. * Highly customisable: colours, alignment, labels, rich text, and more. * Images, gifs, and image lists. * Audience targeting: the right carousel for the right person at the right time. * A/B testing and control groups. * Goal tracking. * Once you’ve installed the mobile SDK in your app, there’s no code required to send Mobile Carousels. Creating and editing them are easy. With your Product, Design, and Engineering teams freed up from having to build and maintain onboarding and messaging features, they can focus on advancing your product. There are so many ways to use Mobile Carousels, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them. Check out the Mobile Carousels web page for more: Log in to Intercom, head to Mobile Carousels, and have a play around. Mobile Carousels are available there today on most subscriptions (no add-on required), as well as updated versions of our mobile SDKs, packed with even more features. We’d love to know what you think! 🤩
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@mrtcropper can you please fix your mobile app. this is really painful to use when agents are using it as primary way to interact with customers. so many bugs, not on par with desktop and slow. thanks
By far a gamechanger for Intercom. Really powerful tool for mobile!
They're gorgeous - such a high production value and so easy to set up. Fixing the device permissions problem is slick too 😎
Really excited about this one!! 🥳🤩
So cool, can't wait to check it out!