Calendly for Intercom

Schedule with leads + customers in Intercom Messenger

Calendly for Intercom makes it seamless for your leads and customers to schedule meetings directly in Intercom Messenger. Skip the back and forth of finding a time to meet and empower potential clients to set up a call or demo right away.

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Nice work team! Connecting this with our custom bots, outbound messages, and video bots is fantastic.
Awesome work, Calendly team! This is going to save sales reps so much time 🙌
Hey there hunters! 👋🏻 Courtney from Calendly here. Today, we are very excited to release our brand new Calendly for Intercom app. As you know, using Intercom Messenger on your website helps to boost sales and add new revenue by proactively engaging leads. With Calendly for Intercom, you can make it easy for those leads to schedule time with you when they’re most ready, right in Messenger! From there, Calendly will add the event to your calendar, include your Zoom link, update Salesforce, send reminders and more—all according to your settings. - Provide your leads and customers a seamless way to schedule time with you, without ever leaving the current conversation in Messenger - Set up automatic flows that pre-qualify leads and prompt them to schedule time with you using bots in Messenger - Add Calendly to your Messenger home to make it easy for leads or customers to schedule with you at any time Connect Calendly and Intercom Messenger today to start scheduling with more qualified leads, speeding up your sales cycle and more!
Brilliant! 👏🏼