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When Slack has a case of the Mondays...
When Slack went down on the first back-to-work Monday of 2021, the memes followed suit. Y'all are hilarious on social and honestly, we love to see it.

The short outage also sparked questions about what to do when your internal communications system breaks down in our remote-first world. Twitter DM? Group SMS? WhatsApp? Zoom Chat? Carrier pigeon?

We turned to Twitter to crowdsource your favorite Slack alternatives. Here are some of your top picks:

Telegram: Privacy focused group communications platform
Twist: Team communications tool from the team at Doist
Zulip: Open-source team chat with threading
Discord: Group chat built with gamers in mind
Rocket Chat: Open-source Slack alternative
Slenke: Team communications and project management
Signal: Encryption powered messaging focussed on privacy
Mattermost: An open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative
Basecamp: Project management and messaging tool by DHH and Jason Fried

For some newer alternatives, here are 3 products just entering the race:

Rake: Combining internal messaging with stakeholder communications
Taskade: Remote work hub for messaging, project management and more
Vizy: Like Slack, if it were video/audio first

A lot of you also answered with our favorite solution to a Slack outage... just take a nap. 😴
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