Mattermost 1.0

Open source slack alternative



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Jamie Martin — Senior UX/UI at Raven Software
You know you've really made it as a SAAS product when open source clones of it start to arrive.
Ryan J A Murphy — Student?
While I'm a big fan of open source, I'm not sure this product is an ethical one. It seems to simulate Slack so much that it clones it, at least at face value. Is this okay?

This opinion is not one I hold with the _most_ conviction, however... Does anyone have any other thoughts on the _matter_? (puns intended?)
Carl —
@ryanjamurphy Personally I use Slack and love it, but at times you get that one paranoid client that wants total control (hmm... "placebo response"? haha) over their project data... which is where Mattermost seems like a perfect fit (as far as I can tell)
Joshua Pinter — Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
@ryanjamurphy Great question. And great "punage". I remember thinking the same thing with an Open Source Buffer App (can't recall the name). Without taking privacy and openness into account, my gut reaction is that it signifies a lot of misused talent and time going into cloning things that are already being done well and are sustained by paying customers. Are there no other problems that this time and effort could be solving instead of building an open source version of Slack....? Again, it's a simplified view, though.
Jacob Hobbie — Student
@cprins_ @ryanjamurphy To add on to this, when working for large companies with a lot of private data, (like where I work now), we can't use cloud systems, so we need to be able to have a self-hosted solution.
David Cizek — founder, Origamica
@ryanjamurphy this happen all the time and it sparks innovation. Everybody copies being inspired by something. Slack is closed (api doesn't mean to be open anymore), they are open. Both have pros and cons and hopefully innovate faster. The time when there are patents on every single smallest button are (or should be) over. Good luck mm and slack. Both rock!
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